Create beautiful mobile friendly guest guides for your area and your property in minutes. Share or embed the guides in your vacation rental website with a single line of code.

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Guest Experience Platform

RueBaRue Value

Inform and inspire your guests

Showcase unique local experiences that create memorable trips.

Say goodbye to brochures

Provide mobile-friendly, up-to-date information guests need: restaurants, attractions, activities, and events.

Keep guests engaged with your  brand on your  website

Stop sending guests to Google, Yelp or TripAdvisor where your competitors advertise.

21st-century compatibility

Major hospitality brands like Airbnb are rolling out destination content and guest experience platforms. Don't get left behind.

Easy to set up and customize

Our search algorithms do the heavy lifting, finding high-quality content in your area that you can easily tailor. Plug our platform into your website with a single line of code.

A smart return on investment

Destination guides can help guests plan their stay, acquaint newcomers to the community and convince undecided guests to rent. Share them with customers in promotional newsletters, emails and blogs.

How it Works


Input your property address so we can generate the best recommendations for your property.


Review our suggestions: our search algorithms do the heavy lifting, finding high quality restaurants and things to do nearby.


Customize content: enhance our recommendations with your own tips and suggestions, add things we missed, remove anything you're not crazy about.


Embed a single line of code into your website. You'll see smart, informative content in minutes.


Email or text guides to your guests directly or send them from your CRM software upon booking or pre-arrival.


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