Choose your content

You're in charge. Type in your property address, and you're set. Our algorithm does the prep work, creating a basic template with the top-rated attractions for things to do, places to eat and essentials in your area. Check out the suggestions, then keep the ones you like, subtract the ones you don't and add any favorites we missed. Include as many places as you like; there's no limit. Arrange them in any order you want using our easy drag-and-drop feature.

Personalize your choices

Each place includes a phone number, business website, reviews, Google maps and directions. But you can add comments to share what you know, alerting renters to the cafe's not-to-be-missed donuts or the coffee shop that's a local favorite. You can also add photos, videos and PDFs. You can even feature your logo and use your website colors on each page to enhance your brand.

Set everything up

Embed the guide into your website with a single line of code. It's as easy as inserting a YouTube video. Our platform integrates with any property management software. Guests can view your guides from their smart phones, tablets or computers.

Build multiple guides

Create as many guides as you need. Make specialized guides for anything the area is known for like seafood restaurants, craft breweries or art galleries. Guides are easy to add and subtract, so you can remove the guide to summer music festivals when the season ends.

Sharing and marketing

Share the guides with prospective and current guests using SMS or email. Seeing what the area offers may help convince an undecided guest to rent a property. And renters who have already booked can use the guides to plan their stay. It's easy to embed a guide in a promotional newsletter, email or blog item.