Property Guides

The property guide provides the essential information your guests need about their rental home like arrival times, WiFi codes and rules for maintaining the house. The Master Guide supplies the basic information for all your rental properties. Customize it as needed for each property, adding instructions for using the hot tub or fireplace, for example.

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Destination Guides

The destination guides give your guests all the information they need about the area's best restaurants, activities, events and essentials, like the nearest grocery store and pharmacy. Start with basic information provided by our search algorithms, then customize it as you please. The guides update automatically saving you time and effort.

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Sharing and Marketing

Share the guides with current and prospective guests via email or text, or send them from your CRM software when guests book or before they arrive. Renters can use the guides to help plan their stay. The guides may also help convince undecided renters to book after seeing what the area offers. It’s easy to embed a guide in a promotional newsletter, email or blog item.

Add Guest Information and Schedule Delivery

Our platform makes it easy to import guest arrival information and schedule automatic delivery of the guides via email and SMS/text on the dates you choose. The scheduler will use guest information including name, arrival date, phone and email address.

Embed Content

Embed the guide into your website with a single line of code. It's as easy as inserting a YouTube video. Our platform integrates with any type of property management software. Guests can view your guides from their smart phones, tablets or computers.

Build Multiple Guides

Create as many destination guides as you need. Make specialized guides for anything the area is known for like seafood restaurants, craft breweries or art galleries. Guides are easy to add and subtract, so you can remove the guide to summer music festivals when the season ends.