Big Ben

The iconic House of Parliament Clock Tower at the Palace of Westminster comes to mind at the mention of Big Ben. But the moniker originally referred only to the tower’s main bell, the 13.5-ton Great Bell named for either Sir Benjamin Hall, a Victorian-era government commissioner, or Ben Caunt, a heavyweight boxing champion. An enduring emblem of London, the chiming four-sided clock from 1859, the world’s second largest, is known for the accuracy of its mechanical movement. And Big Ben itself is rightly celebrated for its authoritative tone. Alas, unless you're a U.K. resident, you can't enter Elizabeth Tower and climb the 334 stone spiral steps leading to the clock mechanism and bell. Console yourself with a tour of the Parliamentary palace, hardly chump change.

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  • Darrell Huntley

    21 Jun 2017

    Not many people know Big Ben is actually the name of the giant mouse that lives behind the clock face. He enjoys lobster dinners and Haribo. With a wry wit and contemporary style he's a ladies man/mouse. If you look closely you might just see the corner of his kimono floating in the wind as he watches you...

  • Mariano Raíz

    22 Jun 2017

    My preferred place to look at it is Trafalgar Square, it gives you a better perspective. From the other side of the Thames it looks magnificent. To look at it from Westminster Bridge became frightening lately, but I would take the chance as the risk now has decreased as there is more surveillance. And from Westminster Abbey it is possible to see all its details. The monument looks fantastic from every one of the above named locations. A must see in a lifetime.

  • Stefan Mitik

    18 Jun 2017

    Big Ben is more than just a tourist spot. It's got a rich history dating way back and it is the most iconic place to visit in London. The Westminster Bridge is filled with people taking beautiful photographs of Big Ben and taking selfies. It was my first time visiting and I absolutely loved it. It's no wonder people say London is the best city in the world - I 100% agree!

  • onkar randad

    9 Jun 2017

    Big Ben has quite a rich history. You can't even imagine. Firstly and foremost Big Ben is the name of the great bell inside the tower (yes, there are more bells).After its construction there were few difficulties like it couldn't fit in the tower, cracked few times and more.

  • TheFMguy

    21 Jun 2017

    Amazing Icon of London! Was surprised to find out that the 'Big Ben' was named after a man who used to sound the towers bell for many years, he was a very big man and named Ben so people used to call him 'Big Ben' so the tower got named after him... Cool fact hey!

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