Hollywood Sign

When landmark signs are cited, HOLLYWOOD is up there with Abbey Road and Route 66. Erected in 1923 to last just 18 months, 45-foot-tall plywood letters illuinated by 4,000 light bulbs touted Hollywoodland, a real estate development. In 1949, the word “land” was removed, and a spruced up chain of metal letters, redolent of movie myth (and protected by a security system), beckons today from the Hollywood Hills. Though off limits to those who want to touch (or deface) it, the sign lives large in the rolling chapparal of the Santa Monica Mountains, and you can almost-but-not-quite hike to it.


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  • Kailey Ambursh

    24 Aug 2017

    This hiking spot is AMAZING. First of all, I want to mention that it's near a park, and a zoo, how incredible is that?! You can spend a whole fun day there with your family. Second of all I do have to say be careful hiking with kids, or strollers if you do bring one around! Because it can get kinda steep and up hill but if you have hiking equipment then that's no problem. Lastly, I wanted to say this is one of the best nature parks in Los Angeles county.

  • Mensah

    13 Nov 2017

    Sorry but I went to go visit this at night with my friend, and it was lit up. I was only visiting, so I'm not sure but I wanted the pic of the sign at night, thought it'd be cool. But why wasn't it lit up? I asked a few of the residents and they said that wasn't normal. Which is why I'm giving this a one star. I mean dang I wasn't even going to hike it I just wanted to see the dang thing!!

  • Jack Rollett Chhetri

    12 Nov 2017

    4 hrs hiking worth a lot. Amazing view from the top. Hollywood sign is really awesome.

  • Mark

    11 Sep 2017

    What is the point in this being here is it's closed off to tourists? I don't care if locals complain, you buy a house near a landmark, what do you expect. You knew that your street would be full of tourists when you bought the house in the same way that people living near airports know that they will hear noise from aircraft. If you're living in a $5 million dollar home the least you can do is put up with tourists standing near your house occasionally, if that's too much trouble than move to the desert where you won't be disturbed.

  • Riddhi Fatania

    30 Aug 2017

    first of all , if you're living in LA , then you probably know that the Hollywood sign is tremendously haunted. It's a good place for tourists to view. But it is also true that alot of people have committed suicide on top of the H and fell down. Be very careful. IT may sound nice to visit the sign which I agree with , but LA is a dark place on the other hand.

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