Hollywood Sign

When landmark signs are cited, HOLLYWOOD is up there with Abbey Road and Route 66. Erected in 1923 to last just 18 months, 45-foot-tall plywood letters illuinated by 4,000 light bulbs touted Hollywoodland, a real estate development. In 1949, the word “land” was removed, and a spruced up chain of metal letters, redolent of movie myth (and protected by a security system), beckons today from the Hollywood Hills. Though off limits to those who want to touch (or deface) it, the sign lives large in the rolling chapparal of the Santa Monica Mountains, and you can almost-but-not-quite hike to it.


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  • Ricky Potts

    20 Oct 2016

    After visiting LA time and time again, we made it a point to see the sign. We drove to a small park and got a GREAT view of the sign. Such an amazing experience. It lived up to the hype. VERY impressed. Check another item off my bucket list!

  • Jacob Wheeler

    13 Nov 2016

    This hike was a bit of a dissapointment. Perhaps I should have read the reviews first, but you can't get anywhere close to the sign. They have barbed wire fences all around it about 100 yards away. If you just want a VERY short hike, this is a good one. But not very challenging if you're more experienced.

  • Kayla Henry

    4 Nov 2016

    My 4 year old daughter almost slipped down the moutain.My twin 10 monnth old girls stroller almost fell down the moutain.My 2 year old son almost fell of the rough moutain.My husband cheated on me near the hollywood sign with a stripper.Their names are Aubrey,Audrey,Aiden,and Annalyn.

  • Lissette Lau

    12 Sep 2016

    Hiking up to this sign was a highlight of my trip! It's about a 6 mile hike round trip but totally worth it! You can see it from behind and then follow the shorter trail to get a good view from the front. Definitely recommend! It's a moderate hike with both too much shade so be prepared!

  • Huy Nguyen

    21 Oct 2016

    I decided to hike this short trail before flying out of LAX on my most recent trip to SoCal. Going midmorning on a Monday was a great decision as residential street parking on Beachwood right before the private entrance to Sunset Ranch Hollywood is free on weekdays. After parking, just walk straight up Beachwood and enter the pedestrian gate into the ranch (there's a lockpad to enter a code but I think it's more for looks than actual utility or maybe it's just locked at certain times of the day but I was able to just turn the handle and enter). Continue up the road for a minute or two until you see a parking lot on the right and you'll see the trail head. The trail is fairly straightforward except for one very sharp turn on the left shortly after passing the entrance down to the stables. Other than that, you'll be able to find your way up to the sign easily. Just make sure to take the left turn; otherwise, you'll be heading in the completely opposite direction away from the sign. Once the sandy path turns into a paved road, hang a right and follow the slightly winding road all the way up. Going up took about 40 minutes as I was taking plenty of pictures and snapchatting the groups of horse tours and plentiful signs warning you about rattlesnakes and keeping your dogs on leashes. Going down took me about 20 minutes since I was jogging to my car so I could meet a friend for a quick bite before heading back to LAX to return my car. I brought a big water bottle but it wasn't really necessary as the trail isn't too intense. However, the day I went was overcast and it was just raining so if you go on a typical sunny day, you may need something to sip on as there aren't many shady spots on the trail to cool down. Overall, a very cool and easy hike if you're pressed for time or just want to view the Hollywood sign from a different perspective than most people.

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