Hollywood Sign

When landmark signs are cited, HOLLYWOOD is up there with Abbey Road and Route 66. Erected in 1923 to last just 18 months, 45-foot-tall plywood letters illuinated by 4,000 light bulbs touted Hollywoodland, a real estate development. In 1949, the word “land” was removed, and a spruced up chain of metal letters, redolent of movie myth (and protected by a security system), beckons today from the Hollywood Hills. Though off limits to those who want to touch (or deface) it, the sign lives large in the rolling chapparal of the Santa Monica Mountains, and you can almost-but-not-quite hike to it.


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  • Janine Corbin

    10 Jul 2017

    I went on a hike, and it mysteriously led us to here. I was so happy to see it that up close... It is so iconic, and gives for a great picture.

  • Hector Salcedo

    10 Jun 2017

    Took a hosted tour of the Hollywood sign last week with LA Fly Rides. Scott, our awesome guide, got us up and down Mt. Lee without issues. Such an amazing tour with lots of great views of LA, the valley and the Hollywood hills facade.

  • Richard Aus

    16 Apr 2017

    One of the best days I have ever had with my son. Wow made the hike from the Observatory all the way to the iconic Hollywood Sign. 9 years old, and we made the hike, taking in all the breathtaking views of L.A. There are different ways you can take. We took the longest one that took you right to the front of the sign. Not a hike for the faint hearted. We went on a clear day, and the photo ops are many. Was worth the hike. We will do it again someday!

  • romeo kim

    6 Jun 2017

    In A Nutshell: -I researched & chose this hike b/c I wanted to make sure I had a good FRONT view of the sign vs. walking super close but BEHIND it. -The hike was fairly easy & short 4ish miles round trip. -Start early, like 7am early or else you will have a very hard time finding a parking spot in the two tiny parking lots. -The other thing is if you are an introvert like me & you want to avoid lot's of people then come early b/c the trails get heavily trekked. -There is a great spot to take some clear shots of the sign. -The spot is very close to STEINER RANCH. Overall, beyond the HOLLYWOOD sign, the hike is kinda boring, dusty & too many people. Good for a one-time photo-op.

  • John Boone

    17 Apr 2017

    So fun! The views up here are absolutely beautiful. Did a tour up to the top of the sign with LA fly rides. Very fun experience. The route on the way up wasn't crowded at all and I loved seeing the sign up close. Don't miss seeing this icon!

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