The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Founded as an American art museum to rival the best of Europe’s, the Met opened in 1880 at its esteemed Fifth Avenue location and continues to fulfill its original lofty ambition. The permanent collection boasts more than two million works from every continent, divided among 17 curated areas. Two main floors house four of the most popular galleries: European Sculpture and Decorative Arts; Egyptian Art (the contemporary-looking Temple of Dendur dates to 15 BC); European Paintings and The American Wing, showcasing paintings, sculpture and decorative arts. One flight down is The Costume Institute, a visual encyclopedia of fashion with some 35,000 pieces dating back to the 15th Century. Additional highlights: the Ming-style scholar’s garden, made with centuries-old construction tools and techniques; decoratively armored figures on horseback in the Arms and Armor gallery, which emphasizes artistry and pageantry; a remarkable collection of musical instruments; and on a nice day or clear night, the roof garden, which makes the hubbub of New York seem miles away.


10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
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10:00 AM – 9:00 PM
10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
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4.8 2149 Google Reviews
  • nicole wong

    30 Oct 2017

    An encyclopedic collection of fine arts guaranteed to inspire awe for all who visit. Bonus for suggested donation entry. The one thing that soured the experience were the staff who tend to yell at you for touching at paintings. I am sympathetic to the rules that are set for the preservation of it's delicate pieces, but this is supposed to be nice place, most art museums train their staff to enforce rules discretely and politely. A simple tap and quiet reminder would have done the trick if they didn't want my dad gesturing to closely to a Monet.

  • Marcello -

    30 Oct 2017

    Best. Museum. Ever. It's the largest museum in the US and entrance is based on a free offer. They have a huge permanent collection (it's hard to get everything done in a single day) and very interesting special exhibitions. I would recommend to get there with a plan. Plus, see if you can find the 'secret' access to the rooftop for more art, drinks, and amazing views of the park/city!

  • Guillaume Pellegrini

    13 Oct 2017

    What a lovely place. Probably the biggest and most diverse museum I've seen. Entrance is (was?) voluntary contribution. The pieces of art in this and the seasonal exhibits are wonderful. Give the Terrace Room a try, you'll get one of the best New York skyline view (especially for the price of the access which is free). There was a huge terrace-filling artwork there when I went, don't know if it's always like that.

  • Von K Fedoroff

    18 Nov 2017

    Under NO circumstances and not at any time does this place rate less than 5 stars. It holds the actual physical works of some of the greatest minds and artists and communicators of ALL time. Its bigger and better than you, than me-than anyone. It's THE MET.

  • Ahmed Allam

    12 Sep 2017

    It's an amazing huge museum. Have a very nice breakfast, wear a very comfortable shoes and be there early as it will take the whole day without even finishing it all. You will have history from all ages. Painting from all ages. Many exhibits and classes to learn new things. If you live in NY a membership would be a great value but if you can't afford it they would not mind you pay $2 at the entrance or get in free as they have time for free. The museum has a few gardens and an amazing rooftop where you can enjoy the view over Central Park and fifth Ave. It's a must if you are visiting New York as it is a mind blowing and a very powerful experience.

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