Centre Georges Pompidou

Opened in 1977 as a multi-cultural space, the Pompidou Centre houses Paris’s Museum of Modern Art, considered one of Europe’s finest; plus a cinema, public library and performance space. But the building alone is worth a visit. Designed by acclaimed architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, it looks like a game of Architectural Twister—wearing its interior-functioning pipes on its exterior, color-coded by function in bright primaries. Highlights: the whimsically animated Stravinsky Fountain; and the courtyard, popular for people-watching.


11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
11:00 AM – 9:00 PM
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4.4 966 Google Reviews
  • Jon Edward Jordan

    29 Sep 2017

    One of Paris' great museums! Plan to spend some time. There's a lot to see. You may not like what's on display, but there's no accounting for taste. The views over the city from the top are the best. Much better than the nosebleed views from the Eiffel Tower. And there's a restaurant outside up there, good for taking a break. Even in popular exhibitions, there's plenty of room to move around.

  • Michelle Hoisington

    5 Oct 2017

    My favorite museum in all of Paris, & my favorite modern art museum (although the MET may be tied) It is a Modern Museum in an incredibly unique building. I would suggest taking the escalators straight to the top floor, & taking in the sites - you can see all of Paris from here, even the hill of Montmartre. Quite beautiful. This floor dedicated to revolving exhibits, which is always quite an interesting experience to take in. There is a restaurant on the top floor, where if you eat there, you can go out on their terrace & enjoy the view (if you're not dining, you cannot go on their terrace). Go one floor down & explore the incredible collection they have of modern artist from the past. They allow you to take photos of the art on this floor, (no flash) so document your favorites! There is also a great balcony to the right, when you first arrive on this floor, where you can go out & take some incredible photos without the glass in the way. The restaurant terrace previously mentioned would be directly above you, so prime spot for photos! Then go down one floor below, & explore their collection of the current modern art of our time. All in all, this is a wonderful museum that I would highly suggest any lover of more modern art to visit.

  • Eloiseycheesy

    26 Oct 2017

    Really enjoyed the more modern art you can find here as supposed to the other art you can find around Paris. Definitely a place for art lovers to visit as there are many different artists work there. I took my mother here and although she appreciated the art she was not a fan of it. I would say it is more favourable for the younger generation.

  • Tim Collins

    11 Sep 2017

    If you are into your art then you will more than likely enjoy the Pompidou. I've never really been into art and to be honest I found the actual building to be much more interesting than the exhibits inside. It's described as an inside out building and is pretty cool with a great view of Paris from the top. The good thing about the Pompidou is they have their own app you can download to your phone so no need to pay for an audio guide

  • Fishie Fish

    2 Nov 2017

    Queuing system outside is a joke. 2 huge queues and only 2 security scanners and then once through the doors the no ticket queue merges with the fast track queue making a mockery of the whole system. What we found appalling when we visited was just in front of us in the fast track queue (already purchased tickets) were a lady and her daughter. They, it turned out, were in the wrong queue. The guy at the entrance wouldn't allow them in. He made them leave and rejoin the back of the other queue. It took 45 minutes to move through to the security scanning despite being fast track. The other queue moved no faster or slower. And once through the doors the queue you had chosen made no difference. No advantage had been gained by this lady joining the wrong queue and it would inconvenience nobody for her to have been allowed in... Petty officialdom at its worst.

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