Musée Rodin

Knowing Rodin’s work, it’s hard to imagine this genteel 18th Century chateau as their breeding ground. And yet, welcome to the former Hôtel Biron, Rodin’s workshop from 1908 until he died in 1917. Here, you’ll see Rodin’s most famous (and brilliant) sculptures, for real—The Thinker, The Gates of Hell, the marble The Kiss. The museum includes his personal art collection, which features paintings by van Gogh and Renoir, and a collection of works by Rodin’s protégé, Camille Claudel. The grounds are outdoor galleries, and the English rose garden in the back is like an unexpected little sanctuary in which to while away an afternoon.


10:00 AM – 5:45 PM
10:00 AM – 5:45 PM
10:00 AM – 5:45 PM
10:00 AM – 5:45 PM
10:00 AM – 5:45 PM
10:00 AM – 5:45 PM
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4.5 330 Google Reviews
  • Victor Huang

    8 Nov 2017

    A small park like setting for this one of kind museum. A good portion of the sculptures are displayed outside, which is probably the most compelling part of the exhibit. Worth spending an hour or two.

  • Brandon Jones

    27 Oct 2017

    Ponder with me for a moment. This museum makes you think. I think about all the statues. Think about how cool it is to have a museum inside a mansion. I’m thinking about how much you will enjoy this museum. Think about that LOL. You’ll get it later, hopefully.

  • Samantha Kennett-Ny

    3 Nov 2017

    A Parisian told me that this is the local's favourite museum. It is a beautiful building full of beautiful things, and I can see why everyone loves it. It's very peaceful and worth a visit; a true Parisian experience!

  • Jedidiah Mitchell

    27 Oct 2017

    Excellent collection including many studies for Rodin's larger works - almost too many pieces to take in, despite the small size of the museum. You could see the whole collection in an hour if you had to, or you could spend all day in the gardens if you enjoy his work.

  • Colin Nelson

    5 Nov 2017

    If you like the work of Rodin, this is the place to go. Most of the status are outdoors so don't go if it's raining. On a fine day it's well worth a visit

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