Most likely the best-preserved ancient structure in Rome, the nearly 2,000-year-old Pantheon is the definition of remarkable. For starters, it helped establish Classical architecture—with its portico and columns, triangular pediment, rotunda and dome—influencing the architectural style for important buildings the world over for centuries; its dome is one of the largest in the world (until the 15th Century, it was the largest), defined by a large oculus, which provides the only source of light; and finally, this Ancient Roman temple has been in continuous use since the 7th Century and is only now beginning to show its years. If possible, visit on a sunny day to see why the beams of light streaming into the rotunda are dubbed “God’s rays.”


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4.7 1931 Google Reviews
  • max snäll

    11 Nov 2017

    With an attention drawing, old rugged exterior, it draws your eyes, not as an eyesore, but as a source of curiosity. On our visit we emerged from a narrow back street, and were greeted by its towering stone walls as we turned around a corner. Even if your first sight of it happens to be from the back, it is still one to behold. But first impressions mean very little after you've walked inside. Compared to its rugged exterior, the interior is pristine, a monument to hundreds of years of history laid bare on its walls. I opted not to pay for any of the audio guides, and found the signs to be plenty enough to give context to whatever I was looking at. The Pantheon is a great place to start a day of sightseeing, with many historical sites within walking distance, like the Colosseum, the roman forum and many others. Highly recommend!

  • Karen Eckworth

    15 Oct 2017

    Very impressive historic building. Immense presence in middle of Rome. Queues to enter long but moved quickly. Visitors need to be covered to enter, well worth a visit. Huge hole in roof open to the elements, if visited s midday when sun I'd shining you will see beam of light

  • Jim Cole

    12 Nov 2017

    Very impressive both externally and internally. The ceiling inside is amazing to see. Need to keep quiet inside. There's a small souvenir shop by the entrance with postcards and the like. A great thing to see for free when exploring the centre or northwest of the city.

  • john Simmons

    7 Nov 2017

    Was a bit disappointed but glad I went. It is located in an area where there is enough space for everybody-which is great on a hot day. Very well intact and sitting with its stone outside, inside it is large and filled with a few tall sculptures, paintings and FREE! Yes, something in Europe is FREE! None the less, there is some info inside to help guide you through what exactly you are seeing, but my advice is get some knowledge beforehand to fully understand but to get a true appreciation. And yes, avoid the nearby restaurants-tourist traps.

  • Michael Chen

    5 Oct 2017

    If you need to find something as incredible as the Colosseum, then look no further. Remarkably one of the most awe-inspiring places for architecture fanatics, it's also just a sight to behold. I would highly recommend going mid-day, where the Sun is beaming down through the center of the building, that way, it'll illuminate the entire place more. The later you go, the less lighting you'll have to take high quality pictures.

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