Most likely the best-preserved ancient structure in Rome, the nearly 2,000-year-old Pantheon is the definition of remarkable. For starters, it helped establish Classical architecture—with its portico and columns, triangular pediment, rotunda and dome—influencing the architectural style for important buildings the world over for centuries; its dome is one of the largest in the world (until the 15th Century, it was the largest), defined by a large oculus, which provides the only source of light; and finally, this Ancient Roman temple has been in continuous use since the 7th Century and is only now beginning to show its years. If possible, visit on a sunny day to see why the beams of light streaming into the rotunda are dubbed “God’s rays.”


9:00 AM – 7:30 PM
9:00 AM – 7:30 PM
9:00 AM – 7:30 PM
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4.7 1931 Google Reviews
  • Hafsa Hamid

    28 May 2017

    Worth a visit. Don't let the long lines deter you. The entry is free. And the lines move fast. Lots of good eateries around. Choose any and enjoy the atmosphere around. You'll have music performances, mimes, acrobats. Nice place to see the ancient world and the current world merge.

  • Nathan Delaney

    30 May 2017

    Absolutely amazing place to see. You can see it as many times as you want on TV or in Movies, but until you take it all in in person you can't comprehend it. The architectural details are amazing to see, especially considering the age of this structure. It is hard to believe that it is free to step into this amazing piece of history. All I can say is to turn off your damn phone, don't take pictures, and just take some time and breathe. Take it all in as this is also a place of worship. Once you've don't that, then take some pictures, but it won't be able to capture this amazing place. A must visit for sure.

  • Camila Neves

    6 Jul 2017

    Definitely worth a visit! The architecture is beautiful and the atmosphere is everything you need anytime of the day. Sad to know, however, that the marble that was covering the walls outside were stolen and are now in several museums around the world... I can only imagine how much more beautiful it would be with it.

  • Alex Lodge

    6 Jul 2017

    Very beautiful and interesting building & Piazza. I would recommend listening to a free audio guide to get some context to what you're looking at. Rick Steve's has a free app/you can download an MP3 file for your phone. I'm sure there are others but without it, the Pantheon is just a beautiful engineering marvel.

  • Angry iOqY

    16 Jul 2017

    Ancient Rome in its finest - don't miss this place while in Rome. It's Free and the perfectly symmetric domed ceiling is already worth trudging through the crowds. Its continued use since roman times contribute to its longevity. Say hello to the Master Raphael while there.

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