Piazza Navona

Rome has no shortage of stunning squares adorned with lavish fountains, but Piazza Navona is arguably the city’s best. Located in the heart of Ancient Rome—built on the site of an ancient stadium that was paved over in the 15th Century (hence, its long, oval shape)—the piazza boasts a trio of imposing Classical fountains, including the Fountain of the Four Rivers, memorable for the obelisk rising from its midst. One of Rome’s liveliest squares, filled with street performers, musicians and artists, it’s a special place to stroll, or simply kick back, and take in all the lyrical sights and sounds.


4.6 1230 Google Reviews
  • Nathan Delaney

    29 May 2017

    Large beautiful square with sculptures and a fountain. Unfortunately that is kind of where it ends. The few shops and restaurants don't make this a place that you can really take a lot of time in. But definitely worth the walk through. Take as much time in all of the Piazzas as you can as Rome has so much cool history to offer up to us. Beautiful place and the only place in Rome where I actually got distracted enough to lose my family.

  • Mike S.

    2 Jul 2017

    Well, of course everyone should have had a look at this place but its not really that impressive. Try not to have dinner or lunch upon the place since it is really overpriced. There are some good restaurants nearby just ask google for it !

  • Michael Gallagher

    14 Jul 2017

    Great area with entertainment and great food. If you are reading this, take time to find a restaurant with good reviews, it is worth the search. The fountains are beautiful and worth seeing during the day and night. Bernini out did himself on the fountain of four Rivers.

  • Shamay Soto

    10 Jun 2017

    This place is a wonderful place to take a break from your tour around the city or work. It has enough choices for you stop and enjoy a drink or a meal with a few treats. As you do so you can also enjoy the the many visitors around the area and some of the street entertainment.

  • Megan B.

    5 Jun 2017

    Gorgeous with beautiful fountains. Download Rick Steve's "heart of Rome" walking tour and you'll find a great chapter About this area. Only downside is the constant barrage of selfie stick guys, but seriously every historical site in Rome has them, just something to get used to. When you're done, head west a few blocks for a good meal.

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