Piazza Navona

Rome has no shortage of stunning squares adorned with lavish fountains, but Piazza Navona is arguably the city’s best. Located in the heart of Ancient Rome—built on the site of an ancient stadium that was paved over in the 15th Century (hence, its long, oval shape)—the piazza boasts a trio of imposing Classical fountains, including the Fountain of the Four Rivers, memorable for the obelisk rising from its midst. One of Rome’s liveliest squares, filled with street performers, musicians and artists, it’s a special place to stroll, or simply kick back, and take in all the lyrical sights and sounds.


4.6 1230 Google Reviews
  • B Hagan

    25 Aug 2017

    lovely place. Comes alive in the evening. Not sure about all the little light things being thrown about, but it does make it interesting. Had a lovely pizza round. the back street from the square. bit cheaper and great quality

  • Andrew Palshan

    26 Jul 2017

    Beautiful place. Cafes fill especially in the afternoon and foot traffic is more intense. During the day it was more open and no street performers which I very much liked. The Fountain of Neptune needed a bit of maintenance as two units didn't stream water like it should... but still my favorite fountain.

  • Tania Carboni

    3 Aug 2017

    Beautiful square in baroque style. The Bernini gave us the fountain of the four rivers. Both day and night views are very fascinating. Come here to walk, and discover another one special and historic part of Rome. :)

  • Nick Coffman

    30 Aug 2017

    Amazing history, beautiful open space, delightful fountains, iconic apartment surroundings, great people watching, fun vendors. Even saw a movie being filmed. A great stop along the way through Rome.

  • Steven Spence

    25 Aug 2017

    Another area I enjoy. It is wide open, has a refreshing air, shade, lots of restaurants and gelatarias, fountains, music, and lovely hued houses. A great place to take a break and drink in the sights.

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