Golden Gate Bridge

The U.S. Navy wanted it painted with black and yellow stripes so passing ships would see it. But since opening in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge has had no trouble being seen. The 1.7 mile suspension bridge, the world’s longest until 1964, connects San Francisco and Marin County at the fabled Golden Gate, where San Francisco Bay meets the Pacific Ocean. Views from this Art Deco beauty are breathtaking, whether you drive, walk or ride a bike. As for the iconic burnt orange hue, Depression-era architect Robert Morrow chose it because it complemented the surroundings and was visible in fog.


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  • Dominic Wrapson

    2 Nov 2017

    Global icon I've always wanted to visit. Finally reached it today after leaving Canada three weeks ago by bicycle. There is a visitor center with washrooms, there are great vantage points outside to take photos, and then there is a walkway crossing under the bridge that I used with my bike to climb the Marin headlands for more views and the classic shot of the whole bridge with city behind. The bridge crossing itself by bike was great. Warning signs before hand of the winds and recommend walking bikes but I rode anyway. There are clearly marked sides for bikes and people which was followed by majority of people on the bridge which made it very pleasant to cross Security are present on the bridge with so many people around and I guess the chance of jumpers. They would also ensure people cleared busy areas, especially when going around the supports which are a bit blind on a bike. Overall fantastic experience. So happy to finally see the bridge, it is beautiful and impressive, and riding over was enjoyable.

  • R E N E

    7 Nov 2017

    This is iconic, history, a must see on your stay in San Francisco. I’ve been around several times, but this was the first time visiting with a clear sky :) Enjoy the bridge the way you like most: walking, riding a bike, or just enjoy the view from a distance. TIP: should you stay multiple days in SF, ALWAYS change your plans if there’s a day with clear sky, and use this day to visit the Golden Gate Bridge. You might not be able to get a nice view of it on the other days!

  • Gene Taylor

    14 Oct 2017

    Been to the bridge many times before. But exploring for photographic opportunities revealed some great spots on both the Sausalito and San Francisco sides. To get great views below the bridge navigate down to Fort Point / Hoppers Hands. To get fantastic views above the bridge drive to the Sausalito side to Battery Spencer (looks straight down to the bridge), and Vista Point, which is just slightly above the bridge. There is a small winding road to gets you to Battery Spencer overlook with a small amount of parking. On the weekends it is hard to wait for a space to open up. So if you can hit these places on a weekend you will be better off. Also try Baker Beach (clothing optional) to get some nice shots from the ocean side of the bridge.

  • Claire Chang

    9 Nov 2017

    Magnificent iconic bridge, a must see place. Love the gorgeous red color especially prettier when the sunlight shine on it. It's fun to rent a bike ride on the bridge from one end to the other. Many scenic lookout view points along the way and on each side of the bay. Many stores, restaurant in the area. Lots activities to do in the city. What not to love SFO?

  • Curtis W

    1 Nov 2017

    Rented a bike from downtown SF and biked across the bridge. The iconic bridge was amazing to ride across. Was incredibly windy so watch out. The ride up to the bridge from the water is quite steep. The path on the bridge is huge so don’t worry if you aren’t the best rider. Instead of biking all the back downtown I continued into Sausalito. Here you can buy a ferry ticket which will bring you back to one of the many piers downtown. Don’t do this too late in the day because the ferries tend to get booked up in the evening. If this does happen you have to either bike back or take a taxi.

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