Golden Gate Bridge

The U.S. Navy wanted it painted with black and yellow stripes so passing ships would see it. But since opening in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge has had no trouble being seen. The 1.7 mile suspension bridge, the world’s longest until 1964, connects San Francisco and Marin County at the fabled Golden Gate, where San Francisco Bay meets the Pacific Ocean. Views from this Art Deco beauty are breathtaking, whether you drive, walk or ride a bike. As for the iconic burnt orange hue, Depression-era architect Robert Morrow chose it because it complemented the surroundings and was visible in fog.


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  • Shohil Patel

    2 Jun 2017

    You've seen in in photos, but you must experience all aspects of this modern day wonder. I've walked, biked and driven across the bridge and it does not disappoint. From the micro climates experienced while walking it and feeling the movement through the car tires - it is a surreal experience. I've been lucky enough to visit this beauty from the bottom looking up to the West entrance via the Coastal walkway. It is visually stimulating and pleasing as one looks at it from one of the sky high bar's in downtown SF. Do not miss it !

  • Jamie Lupton

    4 Jul 2017

    Although obvious advice, make sure you visit the bridge while you're in San Francisco. If you're up for the walk, you can head along following the shoreline from the piers, and eventually get to the bridge. The walk is nice usually with a cool breeze from the water. There is a place to stop not too far from the base of the bridge with a visitor centre and cafe. There is a odd little tunnel you have to go through which is a bit freaky and then the climb up through the parkland to the bridge is quick. The bridge itself has to be seen up close to be fully appreciated and you can cross the right side (heading away from SF) by foot, and the left side by bicycle. I'd recommend both if you can. There are obviously rewards for cycling it at sunset with a camera. The tip here would be to walk across and up to the car park vantage point on the other side, and take an open top bus back across to the city.

  • Sanjana Balakrishna

    4 Jul 2017

    Lots of view points. Very beautiful bridge. I recommend walking across it. Just so you know, it can get very windy during the walk. There will be people there but it is not as bad as Brooklyn bridge. The bridge is about 1.8 miles or so long. You can also choose to bike across it. The view is very pretty from the bridge. It is clean and well maintained.

  • Doug Sweet

    18 May 2017

    Very few places are as gorgeous as the pictures you see, this is definitely one of them. I suggest taking the day or at least a few hours there. The beaches offer great views and the designated areas are great. There is some construction going on , but it's being done in a manner that doesn't take away from the view or the bridge. Bring comfy shoes and walk and look. I also suggest looking back when you walk away, there are some great scenes for photographers to take advantage of .

  • Judy Nwoguh

    10 Jul 2017

    I was so looking forward to visiting the Golden Gate Bridge as I have seen it in so many movies and I really love bridges for some inexplicable reason. However, I couldn't have picked a worse day. It was really cold and foggy. But the scenery was really beautiful and I walked the whole bridge twice (yassss). On a sunny day, I'm sure its really breathtaking. Be on the look out for whales! Yes! Whales! Take a coat. And its a great place for biking. Enjoy the view of Alcatraz as well.

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