Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral sits high on Nob Hill, a magnificent repository of art and architecture. Like classic medieval cathedrals, the cathedral church for the Episcopal Diocese of California took decades to build (from 1924 to 1964). Look for mosaic murals by Jan Henryk De Rosen, a historic copy of Lorenzo Ghiberti’s “Gates of Paradise” doors, a Keith Haring altarpiece in the nondenominational AIDS chapel and two labyrinths, one outside and one inside.


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  • Blake Walker

    9 Aug 2017

    High quality art and stained glass. The side murals tell the story of San Francisco. So refined and no excess. My favorites were the World Faith Altar, Cosmic Window and Stained glass of Albert Einstein. Very sweet little priest showing people around and answering questions as a docent. The Architecture is neck and neck with European Gothic cathedrals like that of Cologne and Paris.

  • David Clay

    9 Jul 2017

    Staind Glass windows tell visitors stories. Hand-carved, double doors rise twice the height of an man who may stand before them. Bells toll the different hours. The artistic masonry stands legend of triumphant pioneers of their skill and dedication to God and Earth. There is a courtyard for open serenity with a pool of colored lighting.

  • Dan Rehbein

    21 Jul 2017

    Awesome cathedral, an architectural wonder. There is a neat LED light sculpture in the building. I am not religious, but love the architecture of old churches, cathedrals and basilicas. A nice quiet place to escape the craziness of San Francisco for a brief time.

  • Sof Lasof

    31 Aug 2017

    They have yoga classes on Tuesdays with live music, or you can just walk in and follow the labyrinth to meditate and you might hear the organ or the choir. There are beautiful stained glass windows and medieval tapestries at the back.

  • Luca Tavian

    2 Aug 2017

    Keith Haring AIDS Chapel altarpiece is located in the rear. Coffee spot and free of charge toilets are downstairs. One labirinth is inside and one outside. As you enter Einstein's formula may be appreciated at the top row of windows (first on the right).

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