Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral sits high on Nob Hill, a magnificent repository of art and architecture. Like classic medieval cathedrals, the cathedral church for the Episcopal Diocese of California took decades to build (from 1924 to 1964). Look for mosaic murals by Jan Henryk De Rosen, a historic copy of Lorenzo Ghiberti’s “Gates of Paradise” doors, a Keith Haring altarpiece in the nondenominational AIDS chapel and two labyrinths, one outside and one inside.


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  • Stephen Abraham

    20 Oct 2017

    Amazing place to visit. Lots of beautiful stained glass. Very high ceilings makes the place feels grand. And both sides of the sanctuary there are separate small chapels. When I was here, there was some construction outside or nearby (early October 2017) so it was rather noisy. Without which, this would be a really peaceful place to sit and just be.

  • Blake Walker

    9 Aug 2017

    High quality art and stained glass. The side murals tell the story of San Francisco. So refined and no excess. My favorites were the World Faith Altar, Cosmic Window and Stained glass of Albert Einstein. Very sweet little priest showing people around and answering questions as a docent. The Architecture is neck and neck with European Gothic cathedrals like that of Cologne and Paris.

  • Katherine Rossolovich

    1 Nov 2017

    Quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Amazing that the cathedral hosts art exhibitions and various events. If you have time, visit one of the concerts, acoustics is great (but I am not a musician, I might be wrong))

  • Mara Lehmann

    22 Nov 2017

    Grace cathedral has a beautiful labyrinth in the main hall where every Tuesday a donation-based yoga class takes place. It's an incredible place to practice, also for non-church goers.

  • Ted Eicher

    24 Nov 2017

    Grace Cathedral is exceptionally beautiful. Even more beautiful than the architecture is the Grace Cathedral ENERGY that everyone puts forth, it's really incredible. Reverend Nina is the best! One time working a pre Thanksgiving lunch event Reverend Nina watched us working so hard that towards the end she ordered all of us to stop working, get a plate of food, sit down and eat. You gotta' love it! All the people I have dealt with at GC are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They accept anyone and everyone. The Grace energy is truely inspiring.

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