Muir Woods National Monument

Nature in all her beauty and majesty awaits just 12 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Here Muir Woods, a dense forest of old-growth coastal redwood trees, stands tall, proud and protected (President Theodore Roosevelt declared it a national monument in 1908). Named for naturalist John Muir (1838-1914), Sierra Club founder and pioneering nature preservationist, the forest boasts redwoods towering as tall as 258 feet as well as bigleaf maples, California bay laurels and tanoak trees, 50 species of birds and Redwood Creek, a spawning ground for coho salmon. Laced with hiking trails (paved and unpaved), the woods gets crowded on weekends (the park draws 1 million visitors annually). Stop by on a weekday if possible. Plans are afoot to require reservations for cars, but no date has been set.


8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
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4.7 538 Google Reviews
  • Rafael Rodriguez

    16 Jun 2017

    We kind of knew what we were getting into when we made the trip up here. We kept reading to be here early or good luck on parking. Man, were they right. We ended up parking past the primary and the back up parking lot they had and were lucky enough to get a parking spot about 1 mile from the ticket office. But once we got there and bought our tickets, man it was quite the experience. At first I thought it was going to a bunch of trees, oh some regular ole trees. No, these things were the real deal. They towered way up high and were pretty wide to boot. Out of the 4 routes that the place offered, we took the 3rd route. The price for the ticket wasn't that bad either. I will say that their gift shop is a little bit on the pricey side, but that's to be expected in my opinion. Their gift selection wasn't bad either. Overall, if you come to San Francisco or neighboring area, plan a trip here for about half a day. Really great scenery and if your into hiking they have some of that as well. Prepare for walking for a good while too. Sandals are okay but comfy shoes may be more appropriate.

  • Brian Mau

    12 Sep 2017

    Old growth coastal redwood trees are magnificent, but these specimens cannot compare to the giants in Humboldt County a few hours north. Also, the crowds are just too much to deal with if you want to experience the quiet beauty of a redwood grove. Maybe if you come early or in the off season, you will have a good experience. Otherwise, be prepared for no parking and noisy crowds.

  • Alain Desroches

    6 Sep 2017

    An amazing place! So peaceful and impressive! I really loved it. We spent about 2 hours walking in there before going on with our tour. I would have taking much more! I think this is a must in any visit in the area of San Fransisco!

  • David Hawley

    31 Aug 2017

    Wonderful place, the world-famous giant redwoods are here in profusion. Picturesque woodlands, the famed huge trees are something to see and the place is well laid out and there are good trails of many lengths to follow which are mostly on boardwalks. Many of these are wheelchair accessible. There is a charge, but if you arrive quite early before the office opens you can simply go in for free. Downsides - the parking is quite limited and fills up very rapidly. You can't roam freely, you are specifically instructed not to stray off the boardwalk. With somewhere this nice it inevitably becomes very busy though the further you get from the welcome center the quieter it becomes.

  • Lynnette Reese

    23 Aug 2017

    Sprint reception was OK enough to send photos out, although they say that no cell phones will work there. A perfect place to see the redwoods, which are rapidly disappearing from this planet. Not a good place to bring kids that are not well-supervised, as there are many, many sheer drop offs into fern-covered ravines. Otherwise, this is a great place to hike and enjoy a quiet, cool forest like none other. Saw many tourists from Germany here. A long drive from San Francisco due to traffic, but worth it.

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