The Seawall

Originally created for the perimeter of Stanley Park to stave off erosion, this paved promenade has grown over the decades to more than 17 miles long and is today Vancouver’s most popular bike and jogging path—and it’s easy to see why. Flat and fantastically scenic, it starts in Coal Harbour, wends its way around Stanley Park for 5.5 miles and continues along the waterfront to Kitsilano Beach, offering unparalleled views of the city, water and surrounding mountains. A few worthwhile stops en route: the colorful and captivating First Nations Totem Pole display at Brockton Point and the life-size bronze sculpture, Girl in a Wetsuit along the north side of Stanley Park, positioned on a boulder just beyond the Seawall. At high tide, the boulder is submerged, creating the illusion of the sculpture floating on the water. Worth noting: The paved path is divided in half with the inside lane designated for cyclists and the waterside lane for walkers and joggers; this is strictly enforced. As for bike rentals, they’re all over Vancouver.


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  • Dave Furey

    9 Aug 2017

    My family is visiting Vancouver so we decided to walk along the seawall and check it out. As a pedestrian, I wasn't too impressed. Maybe it looks better when the tide is in, or when it's not too hazy from the smokey wild fires and you can see a clear blue sky or the Vancouver skyline. We walked about 3 miles and didn't see much other than a lot of bike riders. So, the seawall might be great for bikes but not so much for walkers.

  • JLAA 84

    24 Jun 2017

    It is one of my favorite walks (long walks) in Vancouver. The sea wall its all border of Stanley Park, and if you take the time to walk it you will see beautiful highlights, take a break and do picnic during your way and relax. If you walk the sea wall you shoyld keep your eyes open! Because you will be surrounded by beautiful wild life such as Harbour Seals, Royal Eagles and if is your lucky day maybe a whale that is chilling around (it happens one or 2 times per year). So enjoy the sea wall!!!!

  • Bethany

    17 Aug 2017

    Such a beautiful path, i'd love to walk it daily. I didn't want to leave. Everyone needs to come walk the path! Remember that there are two lanes, one for walking and the other for biking. Biking is one way and walking may be the same? So be aware of the bicyclists, they will ding their bells all day at you for walking in their path lmao

  • Anna G

    3 Sep 2017

    One of the most beautiful places in the city of Vancouver. Must visit great for amazing photographers.

  • Terence Yee

    7 Mar 2017

    Easily one of the most beautiful things about the city of Vancouver. Rain or shine, I always enjoy a stroll around the Seawall. It's a lovely place to be alone, or with someone special. The Vancouver skyline acts as a busy contrast to the greenery of Stanley Park, which in turn sets a calming foil to the city. I've yet to walk all the way around Stanley Park, but have gotten close; maybe one day. The Seawall is a waterfront experience everyone can enjoy.

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