Guest Communication Tools for Vacation Rentals

Digital Guestbooks, SMS Automation, Guest SMS Messaging, Local Area Guides, Upsell and More.


About RueBaRue

RueBaRue delivers the tools to simplify operations and drive more revenue. We help vacation rental companies use SMS to communicate with guests, schedule automated text delivery of guestbooks and local area guides, and respond quickly to guest questions with Guest SMS Messaging.

Platform Features

Digitial Guestbooks

Provide the essential information your guests need about their rental home like arrival times, door code, WiFi codes and rules for maintaining the house.

SMS Automation

Automatically send digital guestbooks, area guides, guest satisfaction surveys, social media campaigns and more by text messaging (SMS) or email.

Guest SMS Messaging

Answer questions from guests before, during and after their stay via text messaging. Team SMS Inbox saves all guest messages and staff replies so your team knows questions have been answered.

Local Area Guides

Give your guests everything they need to know about the best restaurants, activities, events and essentials in your area.

What RueBaRue Can Help You Do

Save time and cut costs

Build unique guestbooks in seconds with property guides and local area guides that guests love. Our platform integrates seamlessly with popular rental software to let you send guestbooks, guest surveys and personalized messages automatically on dates you choose by text message or email. Free up your staff to perform other tasks. Relax knowing your guests have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Answer guest questions instantly

Improve guest satisfaction by answering questions by text before guests arrive or during their stay. Our Guest SMS Messaging feature supplies a dedicated phone number for your business, so guest messages are fielded by you or a team member and don’t come in on your personal phone line. Messages are stored automatically for review if necessary.

Go paperless and stay up-to-date

Create a phenomenal guest experience by giving guests all the information they need about their vacation home and area on their phones, tablets and computers. Information updates automatically saving you time and effort. Lose the clunky binders, brochures and photocopied instructions that become dog-eared and outdated.

Inform and inspire your guests

Gift your guests with the ultimate trip planner and send the local area guide automatically before they arrive. Our search algorithms zero in on high quality content in your area that you can customize as you please, complete with recommendations and tips. Build a local area guide in minutes that’s jam-packed with unique local experiences that create memorable trips, score five-star reviews and lure guests back.

Outpace the competition

Be in the game. Major hospitality brands like Marriott and Airbnb are rolling out guest experience platforms, local area guide content and mobile messaging. Don't get left behind.

Boost your bottom line

Drive more revenue with online sales of products and services. Our Upsell feature facilitates sales of concierge services, tours, tickets to area events, sports equipment rentals, branded produced like T-shirts and hats, early check-on/late check-out and more using Apple, Google or Samsung pay. Charges are applied to the guest credit card on file.