Services That Drive More Revenue

RueBaRue’s digital guest communication platform gives vacation rental property managers the tools to increase revenue in numerous ways. Here’s how:

Simplify operations and save time

Using digital tools like SMS Automation and Guest SMS Messaging that schedule and send materials automatically, load digital guestbooks onto guest phones and more, vacation rental managers save time that can be better channeled into other aspects of their business. This can drive revenue sufficiently to be a game changer.

Drastically decrease time spent answering guest questions

With all the information guests need for their trip available on their phones, vacation rental managers say they’ve cut back the number of phone calls, emails and face-to-face queries from guests by more than 50 percent. As a Colorado property manager put it, “Now guests can access information right from their device which has cut down on SO MANY questions we used to get.”

Sell services directly with upsell

Our upsell feature brings in additional money without raising prices by providing tools for vacation rental managers to offer trip enhancing amenities from sports equipment rentals to early check-in/late check-out for a fee.

Turn area guides into a marketing tool

Several management companies have told us they use their area guides to promote themselves as the go-to source of information, activities and adventures in their area, a selling point that can attract guests, promote repeat bookings and drive revenue.

Eliminate repetitive tasks and reduce guest communication operations costs

Going digital requires less manpower, drives efficiency and reduces costs, banishing expensive printed paper guestbooks that require frequent updates, for example.

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