How a Great Guestbook Can Help You Save Time and Get Stellar Reviews

One item your guests are guaranteed to use during their stay at your vacation rental property is the guestbook.

How a Great Guestbook Can Help You Save Time and Get Stellar Reviews

Besides acquainting guests with their rental house and the surrounding area, an online guestbook packed with useful information can improve your guests’ stay. It can save you time because quests won’t need to call when they have a question about the WiFi code or the location of the nearest grocery store. And a helpful guestbook makes you and your management team look good, underscoring your efficiency, thoughtfulness and professionalism.

Here are eight ideas from vacation rental property managers for turning a garden-variety guestbook into a bonafide asset.

Feature an up-to-date photo of the front of the house so guests will know exactly what to expect when they arrive, whether it’s snow on the ground or leafy trees.
An unfamiliar security system can be a challenge. Include a photo of the door lock or a brief video showing how to use the door code, so your guests can enter their vacation rental home with ease.
Create simple video instructions for anything that may seem confusing, like how to change the TV input or adjust the heating and air conditioning systems.
Not all vacation rental homes are close to a store. Include a list of items guests should bring like paper towels, trash bags, milk and bottled water. Be specific. Let guests know if the coffeemaker is a pod, drip or French press so they can buy the appropriate coffee, for example. Add photos of the kitchen appliances as well as dishes, flatware and pots and pans so guests know what to expect.
Provide a list of seasonal items guests should bring. For summer homes, suggest sunscreen, swim clothes, beach towels, picnic baskets and such. For winter homes, items can include gloves, ski masks, hiking boots, warm hats, etc.
Every rental offers an opportunity to promote your business. Include a link so guests can write a review of their vacation home. And provide photos and information about other vacation rental properties you manage to entice guests who may want to try out a condo or a bigger house or sample a different area you represent on a future trip.
Show guests you appreciate their business by offering a discount if they direct book their next stay.
References can be a gold mine. Offer guests a cash incentive or an Amazon gift card if they refer a friend who actually books and pays for a vacation rental house.

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