How a Hostaway Partner Uses RueBaRue To Save Time and Please Guests

How a Hostaway Partner Uses RueBaRue To Save Time and Please Guests

With RueBaRue’s new partnership with Hostaway, a market leader in vacation rental software, this seems the ideal time to unpack how property managers who partner with Hostaway can use RueBaRue, the automated guest communication platform that helps with time-consuming tasks property managers face from the moment guests book a home until they depart.

RueBaRue complements Hostaway’s vaunted, all-in-one vacation rental software to a T, offering a variety of time-saving, guest-pleasing features that include Digital Guestbooks, Guest SMS Messaging, Text Automations, Area Guides, Extend Guest Stays, Guest Surveys and Guest Reviews.

Our Digital Guestbooks feature is a favorite of Hostaway partner and RueBaRue subscriber David Bergmann, owner of Heartwood Furnished Homes in Columbia, South Carolina.

quote We really love using the digital guestbooks,” he says. “I’ve been able to include really specific information about each property that guests find helpful like check-in instructions, a detailed list of supplies found in the home and a property photo. quote

Bergmann believes that guests increasingly expect property managers to provide the rich stores of information the digital guestbooks can include — information that property managers can personalize like Bergmann did to include check in and departure information, rules for maintaining the home, safety information, WiFi password and a detailed guide to the area including things to do, fun and games, restaurants, sweet tooth spots, even a beer crawl.

quote I feel like guests now are expecting this level of service. They expect to get information quickly. And they like having all the information in one place. quote

“The digital guestbook has been a game changer for us,” he adds.

Bergmann emails the guestbook to guests two weeks before they arrive so they can use it for trip planning — and to answer guest questions before they’re asked. The result? “We’ve seen a noticeable reduction in guest calls to our office,” he says. “We’re really pleased about that.”

Here’s a quick look at Heartwood Furnished Homes’ digital guestbook:


Heartwood's RueBaRue Digital Guestbook

RueBaRue Destination Guide Restaurants

Heartwood's RueBaRue Local Area Guide

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Heartwood's RueBaRue Local Area Guide

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