How Team SMS Inbox Can Improve Your Vacation Rental Business — And Why You Need It

No longer a novelty, text messaging is all-but-officially the fastest and most efficient way for guests and management teams to communicate. But every message needs a speedy reply, whether it’s a request for late check in or reporting a leaky sink.


Enter Team SMS Inbox, the tool that shares each message with the entire management team and records each response so team members know the issue has been dealt with.

Team SMS Inbox is the key to making text messaging the powerful tool it’s designed to be.

With Guest SMS Messaging, your team stays on top of guest questions, boosting efficiency and saving time. Meanwhile, guest satisfaction soars since guests can use their phones to ask questions or report problems whenever and wherever they want, a perk they’ve grown accustomed to at hotels and airlines. Win win, in other words.

Here are five ways Team SMS Inbox can make your vacation rental business more efficient.


Speed up response time

The entire management team sees each message, expediting response time, preventing double responses and improving customer service.


Promote message clarity

Messages lost in a sea of emails can go unanswered. But text messages sent to a team inbox are easy to find, especially when the inbox has a dedicated phone number for your business.


Flag issues

A well-designed team inbox comes with flags so team members can alert each other to issues that need immediate attention like a broken window or a light bulb that needs replacing.


Store all messages

By providing a complete record of all messages and responses, managers get an overview of their vacation rental business, from which questions are asked most frequently to which homes have multiple problems. Managers can also track response times and see how specific team members handle messages.


Use auto response when needed

An auto response tool is not only a time saver for frequently asked questions. It’s a way of providing a consistent, politely worded response to ensure that the team answers basic questions in an effective, uniform way.

Interested in learning more about Team SMS Inbox? RueBaRue’s smart guest communication tool sets up companies with text messaging and Team SMS Inbox. The tool also provides a dedicated phone number for your business, offers scheduling so messages can be sent on specific dates and times, lets you flag important messages, has an auto response feature and stores all text communications.

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