How to Make the Most of Guest Reviews in 2020

Most guests are excited to write a review after a stay. The result is a treasure trove of data that, properly mined, can provide invaluable information for vacation rental property managers.

How to Make the Most of Guest Reviews in 2020

It's easy to count the stars, read the final verdict, and stop there after a guest leaves. But guest reviews offer rich insights that can be deployed for multiple uses, be it publicizing the business on social media, improving communications with owners or motivating the management team.

Here are four smart ways to get a 5-star performance out of every review your vacation rental properties receive.


Utilize good reviews on social media and in your e-marketing

Travelers read reviews, so don’t hesitate to share your favorites on your website, Facebook page, Instagram and marketing materials. Choose reviews strategically. Avoid generics like “a great stay” and “nice house” in favor of specifics like “a spotless house with spectacular views; best hot tub evert!” And don’t flood the zone. Choose one or two gems that will stand out. When a new winner lands, replace an old one to keep things fresh.


Share reviews with your team

Your team should know what renters say. When a review mentions something that needs action, like a dirty kitchen floor, cite the review when talking to your team. And don’t forget to share positive reviews with your team. They make great morale boosters.


Keep owners in the loop

Owners care about guest reviews. You may have repeatedly told the owner the property needs a new sofa to no avail. But if a reviewer complains about the worn-out sofa, the owner is likely replace it quickly. Be sure to also let owners know about good reviews their properties receive. A positive write-up can be just what’s needed, especially for owners who hear mostly about problems that require their money and attention.


Use reviews to flag problems — and prevent bad write-ups

Sometimes a review is the first time you learn about a leaky sink or a broken coffeemaker. Take this opportunity to deal with the issue. To avert negative reviews, use a review filter like RueBaRue 5-Star Reviews that automatically alerts you to potentially low-star reviews and allows you to address problems guests had with their stay before their reviews post.

Interested in learning more about 5-Star Reviews and other aspects of advanced guest communication? RueBaRue's Guest Communication Platform is designed to address every aspect of guest communication, from scheduling and sending messages automatically to creating property guides and guestbooks. To learn more, schedule a 30-minute demo.

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