How to Use a Smart Text Communication System To Streamline Operations

Text messaging is the travel industry's hottest trend and with good reason. It's the proverbial silver bullet that speeds up communication between guests and management teams, eliminates lengthy phone calls, helps teams proactively address problems and requires no added equipment or installation.

How to Use a Smart Text Communication System To Streamline Operations

But when texting is coupled with a scheduling tool that automatically sends messages on dates and times you choose, it can be a game-changer for vacation rental home management companies. Welcome to the world of smart guest communication.

Smart guest communication is text messaging on steroids. By scheduling when texts land, vacation rental managers can save time, improve efficiency and relax knowing that vital information will land safe and sound when they wish. Best of all, smart guest communication is nimble. There's no obvious limit to the ways smart guest communication can be used.

Here are seven ways to make smart guest communication work for your vacation rental business.

1. Send a link to your digital guestbook

Welcome your guests by texting a link to your property-specific digital guestbook filled with everything they need — directions, parking information, instructional videos for entering the house, tips on what to pack and more. Include information they require, and guests won’t need to call for the WiFi code or coffeemaker. Ease their anxiety and save time — enough to reduce pre-arrival calls and emails by over 50 percent. Send guestbooks a week or two before arrival to help with trip planning.

2. Send a link to your local area guide

Help guests plan their stay by texting a link to the guide to your area's best restaurants, activities and events. Once they've confirmed their reservation, schedule the guide to land a week or so before they arrive. Not only will they know what the area offers, but they'll also have the guide on their phones for use during their stay.

3. Send a welcome note the day they arrive

Write your welcome when your guests book, schedule the text to land the day they enter the home and relax. They'll read it when you want them to — and will probably smile.

4. Send guests the door code — at the right time

Text the automatically generated door codes or lockbox instructions to your guests, and schedule it to arrive just before they do. Timely texting helps prevent instances of scammer guests who cancel their reservations after they're received the security code.

5. Alert guests when there's an emergency

Text messaging is the perfect way to send an SOS to all guests when an emergency occurs, like a flood, a nearby fire, a power outage or a major disruption on the roads. Using a smart guest communication tool, like RueBaRue's Alert, you can instantly send a text to all your guests in seconds.

6. Offer guests mid-week housekeeping

Let guests know they can book a visit from a housekeeper, and schedule it to land midweek when they realize they need it. Include the cost in your text.

7. Send automated review requests

Send automated thank you notes to your guests along with a review request to get more direct bookings.

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