Personalized Destination Guides: Set Your Business Apart And Delight Your Guests

It's all but expected that vacation rental managers will include a destination guide with their welcome letter or guestbook. But by supplying guests an additional guide tailored to their needs, be it a family with small children or a honeymoon couple, you're offering guests an individualized experience they won't forget and connecting with them on a personal level that can help grow your business.

Set Your Business Apart And Delight Your Guests With Personalized Destination Guides

Customized destination guides are a thoughtful way to set your company apart from the pack and create an emotional connection with guests that can result in return visits and stellar reviews. They're also tech-savvy time-savers. Not only can they answer guest questions proactively, once your guides are set up they require minimal input. Just send the right ones as needed.

Here's how to create personalized destination guides that get results.

Find out what guests want

In your welcome letter or a pre-arrival email or text, ask two or three questions to learn why they're coming and what they want to do. Questions can include: What brings you to the area? What kind of trip are you planning, i.e. family vacation with young kids, birthday celebration with friends, romantic weekend, etc.? What would you like to do during your stay?

Tip: Preface the questions with a friendly sentence like: To help you make the most of your trip, could you answer a couple of questions? Or cut to the chase: We'd love to help you have an amazing vacation. What brings you to the area?

Create your personalized area guides

You know your audience, so focus on the categories of guests you get most, whether it's large groups, couples, skiing buddies, families with tweens, romantic getaways, etc. Customize each guide with relevant information like places to eat, things to see and do, area highlights like the most scenic bike rides or biggest waves and services like equipment rentals or babysitters.

Add topical guides as needed: If your area is famous for something, be it craft beer breweries, art galleries, hiking trails or independent bookstores, it may warrant a dedicated guide you can send as needed. And consider creating a guide for celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries. Include the best places to order a cake, wine and spirits, decorations and flowers.

Show off your local expertise: Personalize your write ups by sharing what you know about the businesses and attractions you include like the spectacular cupcakes at the town bakery in business for a century or the family friendly beach where a famous movie was filmed.

Send the guides at the right time

Ask your questions two weeks before guests arrive, so you can send the customized destination guide in advance. This helps guests plan their trip or contact you for help if they need it.

Accompany each custom guide with a message like: Here's some information about the area we think you can use. Or get precise: Here's our special guide for guests who like to surf (or guests with small children, or guests in town for a romantic weekend). Save your message with the link to the guide so it's always ready to send. A Saved Response feature found on guest experience platforms like RueBaRue makes this process quick and easy.

RueBaRue also makes it easy to create curated destination guides in seconds that update automatically to save you time and effort and that include hours, Google reviews, websites, phones, addresses, maps and directions. Guides start with information provided by the RueBaRue search algorithm that you can customize as you please.

To learn more about RueBaRue, schedule a 30-minute demo today.

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