RueBaRue Wins 2021 VRMB Keystone Award


RueBaRue is thrilled to receive the 2021 VRMB Keystone Award for Best Vacation Rental Property Management Software for Guidebook and Guest Apps.

Four years ago we created our digital Local Area Guides, and with that we launched RueBaRue. It’s been quite a journey.

Local Area Guides

Our vision was to help vacation rental property managers create local area guides that provide guests the best the area has to offer, from things to do and places to eat to insider tips like the area’s breathtaking hiking trail or the hidden beach only locals know. To facilitate this, we built a curation engine that generates recommendations for any destination in seconds. Property managers can customize it for their target audience using their local expertise.

Digital Guestbook

We quickly realized that property managers also wanted to include information about their homes like the address, door code, directions, parking, WiFi code, what to pack and details like the type of coffeemaker. By combining the destination and property guide, our Digital Guestbook was born.

And just like that, RueBaRue morphed from a single tool into a fast-growing digital toolkit. We continue to add problem-solving features property managers need like these:

SMS Automation

Text automation enables vacation rental property managers to send custom and personalized messages by text. Managers can save time spent answering guest FAQs by phone, email or face to face.

Guest Messaging

SMS Team Inbox and Guest Messaging Mobile Apps for property managers are time-saving tools let property managers and their team respond efficiently to guest questions. Eliminating repetitive tasks saves time that can be channeled into other aspects of the business.

Extend Guest Stays

Extend Guest Stays, a popular new feature helps property managers generate revenue by filling the gap between guest stays. Our color-coded digital calendar shows bookings, owner reservations and maintenance blocks, streamlining the tedious process of determining home availability. Easy interface lets property managers send messages to departing and arriving guests they choose to invite for an extended stay.

We know and understand the challenges property managers face, from demanding guests and formidable owners to local regulations and fierce competition. Our goal is to offer the community a superb product backed by exacting service. We’re grateful to our customers for supporting us and look forward to creating exciting new tools for property managers. If you’d like to learn more about us, please get in touch.

Our thanks to Matt Landau and the VRMB team for the award.


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