6 Upsell Ideas For Your Vacation Rental Business

Call it a hospitality industry win-win. As hotels and airlines discovered long ago, upsell — the practice of providing customers special services at an added cost — is a smart way to increase revenue and enhance guest experience.

6 Upsell Ideas For Your Vacation Rental Business

Upsell checks multiple boxes for vacation rental home companies. It brings in money without raising prices. It satisfies guests by making it easy to find the services they want and serving up trip-enhancing amenities they may not even be aware of. It can also give guests a complete vacation experience, the kind that reaps return bookings and 5-star reviews.

Upsell is easily tailored to fit your rental company's size and identity. You can go small, offering simple services like early check-in/late check-out, or go big, investing in equipment like kayaks or fishing gear that guests can rent. And there's plenty that's ripe for upselling in between.

Choosing what to upsell is crucial for success and requires knowing what your guests want, the best that your area has to offer and what services are right for your business niche. It's also an opportunity for you and your team to get creative. Consider the Dutch hotel that made headlines a while back by renting guests a goldfish to keep them company for the night.

Here are six upsell ideas to entice your guests and boost your bottom line.

Select Services

Upsell is a great way to provide — and profit from — amenities that can help smooth guest stays. Consider options like housekeeping, babysitting, stocking the kitchen before arrival, beach towels, robes and early check-in or late check-out.

Home Delivery

Home delivery of groceries, prepared meals and alcohol are upsell naturals, especially now as more guests are working from their rental homes or limiting activities due to Covid. Zero in on the local angle. Yes, the liquor store will deliver, but make sure guests know about the local wines, craft beers or exotic single malts they sell. And offer upsell options for birthdays, romantic occasions and other celebrations, like cakes, flowers and decorations.

Concierge Services

With an upsell menu of concierge services, your guests have instant access to the attractions and activities your area is known for, whether it's deep sea diving, guided mountain hikes or classes in cooking, yoga and pottery. As an area authority, you know the local businesses and creative individuals to team up with, like the town historian who does walking tours and the local celebrity chef who cooks for private parties.

Sports Equipment Rentals

By making it easy to rent sports equipment through upsell, your guests know they'll have everything they need to jump into their vacation the minute they arrive. Consider investing in the gear required for your area's activities, whether it's bicycles, paddle boards, snowshoes, tennis equipment or canoes, and rent it for less than the pros charge. Or partner with local rental shops for a slice of each sale from your guests via upsell.

Advance Tickets and Reservations

Use upsell to offer tickets to upcoming concerts, theater productions and sports events in your area, and provide a double bonus for your guests. Not only will they learn what's going on during their stay, they can secure their tickets hassle free. And don't forget to offer tickets for local attractions like museums, amusement parks and aquariums.

Airport transportation

Guests flying in will appreciate being met by a car and driver, and you'll harvest extra income. You can sign up as an affiliate with a transportation company and either send guests a link to their website or include it with the rental property description. When guests book on the link, you'll get a slice of the profit. Alternatively, you or a team member can pick up your guests and claim the full upsell.

An easy way to add upsell to your business is to use a digital platform with an upsell feature, like RueBaRue. In addition to a dedicated page with tabs, RueBaRue upsell uses a credit card on file for purchases and accepts guest payment by Apple, Google and Samsung. Guests can even pay for their stay using upsell.

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