Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist: 99+ Items [Template]

A recent study by Expedia¹ shows that travelers now value health and safety over price when choosing a rental home. It’s no surprise. In this Covid-19 era, an unclean vacation home is like a broken promise: You’ve betrayed your guests’ trust and ruined their vacation. And a critical review about poor hygiene can risk your vacation rentals’ otherwise spotless reputation.

Vacation Rental Cleaning Checklist

But you don’t have to risk reviews, guest satisfaction, or your good standing if you use a vacation rental cleaning checklist. A checklist can ensure better hygiene in every phase of cleaning your vacation rentals to accommodate your guests in safety and style.

Here at RueBaRue, we know how to optimize processes to create greater efficiency in vacation property management. This way you can do what you do best: Run your business and enjoy life.

In this article, we show you why you need a vacation rental checklist, how RueBaRue can help you share your checklist with your cleaning team, and how to make every corner of your vacation rentals shine.

Bonus: At the end of this article, you can download our cleaning checklist in a handy PDF format.

Why do you need a vacation rental cleaning checklist?

As you grow your property management business, you’ll need scalable and repeatable systems in place to take on new properties. A vacation rental cleaning checklist is one of those and can ensure your guests have a consistent experience of cleanliness across all your rentals.

To make cleaning scalable, share your checklist with your cleaners, whether they’re in-house or outsourced to a cleaning company.

RueBaRue makes communicating with your maintenance and cleaning teams easier. For example, you can send your cleaning checklist to them with a RueBaRue automated text message or email. This way, you’re sure everyone is on the same page for vacation rental cleanliness. You’ll always be prepared, even during rapid guest turnovers or with sold-out high-season volumes.

RueBaRue image of team setup for guest/team messaging so you can send your vacation rental cleaning checklist easily

Image source: RueBaRue - RueBaRue image of team setup for guest/team messaging so you can send your vacation rental cleaning checklist easily

Vacation rental cleaning checklist: Preparing your rental for a new guest

Make sure every part of your rental home is in top shape to help your guests feel safe and at home. Here’s a breakdown of how to clean each room before a new guest checks in.


These are basic cleaning tasks to perform throughout the property, no matter what room and whether it’s indoors or outdoors. They may not seem like much, but cleaning minor details will make a big difference to your guests’ perception of the property. For example, sticky door handles in your rental home won’t make a great first impression.


Pexels image of a girl with face mask wiping down a counter near the kitchen

Image source: Polina Zimmerman from Pexels - Pexels image of a girl with face mask wiping down a counter near the kitchen


03 Pexels image of a pristine white modern bathroom

Image source: Jean van der Meulen from Pexels - Pexels image of a pristine white modern bathroom


Living room


Vacation rental cleaning checklist: Mid-stay housekeeping

Use these cleaning tips whether you plan to have weekly housekeeping for mid to long-term stays or if you offer daily housekeeping during your guests’ stay as an upsell.

Vacation rental cleaning checklist: Post-check-out cleaning

Here’s a checklist to optimize your vacation rental maintenance during guest turnover. Remember to use RueBaRue to create and send a check-out list for vacation rental guests . This will provide guests with clear instructions on what to do before they check out and save your housekeeping team valuable time, especially when turnover times are tight.

Cleaning checklist for vacation rentals: Deep-cleaning

04 Pexels image of an Airbnb-style living room

Image source: Skitterphoto on Pexels - Pexels image of an Airbnb-style living room

Remember to organize your deep cleaning dates with your cleaning staff ahead of time. If your vacation rentals are open year-round, schedule them every quarter to keep your rentals looking fresh even in high-volume, frequent turnover periods. Or mark them in your calendar once or twice a year if you plan for seasonal closures. In either case, use this dedicated checklist for deep-cleans.



Cleaning supplies inventory checklist

Pexels image of cleaning supplies to add to your vacation rental cleaning checklist

Image source: Ron Lach from Pexels - Pexels image of cleaning supplies to add to your vacation rental cleaning checklist

You won’t need all the cleaning products listed if you outsource your cleaning service. But if your vacation rental maintenance is in-house, use this checklist to ensure you always have the supplies you need on hand.

Cleaning supplies for guests

It’s also a good idea to keep certain items handy for hygiene-conscious guests, whether they’ve booked a short, mid, or long-term stay. Guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness and the time you save them from shopping on their first day. It’s also another point in your favor for better vacation rental reviews.

For example, you can provide:

Make your vacation rental shine with a cleaning checklist

Now you know how to ensure a cleaner, safer stay for greater guest satisfaction and 5-star reviews. Use our vacation rental cleaning checklist template to save time and streamline your housekeeping organization. Your guests and your team will thank you for it.

Enjoyed our vacation rental cleaning checklist? Download your copy in PDF here and send it to your maintenance team with RueBaRue messaging .


What is an Airbnb cleaning checklist?

An Airbnb cleaning checklist is a guide to help you know how to clean your vacation rentals. By using one, your housekeeping team will what to clean before guests check-in, how to clean during guest turnover, and what to look for after check-out. It also acts as a mid-to-long-term deep-cleaning planner.

What should a cleaning checklist include?

A good cleaning checklist should include:

Should you charge a cleaning fee for your vacation rental?

Whether you do or don’t, cleaning is always an extra cost for you. You can incorporate your cleaning fee in the rental cost, but highlight it to explain the higher daily rate. RueBaRue’s Guest SMS Messaging makes it easy to remind guests about the added benefit and upsell daily housekeeping as a vacation rental concierge service.

Are there specific Covid-19 cleaning guidelines to follow?

Each country will have its own regulations, so check with local health authorities to know what the requirements are. If you’re in the U.S., check out the Environmental Protection Agency’s approved list of disinfectants and the CDC guidelines. Or outsource this task to a professional cleaning service to save time and hassle.

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Sources: 1. Expedia Traveler Value Index 2021

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