What Coffeemaker Do You Have?

Your guests haven't left home yet, but their trip has already begun. They're making plans, and they've got questions. What kind of coffeemaker does the house have? Are beach towels provided? How's the internet?

What Coffeemaker Do You Have?

As a property manager, your job is to supply the information they need before they arrive so they're relaxed and ready to go when they open the front door. A great way to do this is to answer frequently asked guest questions in your welcome email. Alternatively, you can send an arrival guide including answers to FAQs or a dedicated email addressing basic questions.

Giving your guests the right information before they ask eases their anxiety and saves you time — enough that you can reduce pre-arrival calls and emails by over 50%.

Here's a checklist of 20 questions property managers say guests ask most frequently.

For Arrival:

  1. How do I get into the property?
  2. Will my GPS link to the property?
  3. How many parking spaces are available?
  4. How far is the house from the airport?
  5. What are the check-in and check-out times?

About the Home:

  1. Is WiFi reliable?
  2. Is there a washer and dryer? Is detergent provided?
  3. Is there a pool and/or a hot tub?
  4. Do I need to bring my own bed linens, bath towels and beach towels?
  5. Is the kitchen fully equipped?
  6. What kind of coffeemaker do you have?
  7. Is there a grill or BBQ?
  8. Are there special clothes or amenities I need to bring (rain gear, boots, bug repellant, etc.)?

About the Area:

  1. Are grocery stores, pharmacies and beer and wine stores nearby?
  2. Which stores deliver groceries and prepared foods?
  3. Are good restaurants, fine dining options, bakeries, sports bars and breweries nearby?
  4. How close is the house to (major attraction or destination the area is known for)?
  5. Is there a hospital or medical care facility nearby?

Activities & Events:

  1. Where can I rent sports equipment (boats, bicycles, skis, etc.)
  2. Are there any upcoming events in the area?

A great way to save even more time answering guest questions is with a guest communication platform. RueBaRue's digital platform lets you store guest FAQs and send them automatically by email or text on a day and time you choose. Forget manual inputs. RueBaRue integrates with leading vacation rental software so guest information is imported in seconds. Welcome notes, thank you notes and other materials are personalized and sent automatically.

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