Why Text Messaging Alone Won't Help Your Vacation Rental Business

For all its virtues, text messaging by itself is a limited art form. Yes, texting is fast, efficient and happens conveniently on a phone. But working solo, texting can't do much more than provide quick answers to guest questions.


But pair text messaging with the right guest communication platform and it morphs into a powerful, multifaceted tool that saves time and lets you deliver vital information to guests in a timely and efficient way. Call it text messaging on steroids. It's like the difference between a bicycle and a Bugatti.

Here's how text messaging that's integrated with the right software can be a game changer for your vacation rental business.

Put guest information where you want it

When texting isn't integrated with your software, you waste time manually copying guest information from one system into another in order to send a text. Texting that's integrated with your software eliminates this cumbersome process and lets you text with guests as soon as they're entered into the system.

Send the right information at the right time

Paired with a scheduling tool, text messaging can deliver the information guests need with precision timing. An integrated system with a scheduler insures the arrival of vital information when guests need it, whether a week or a day before arrival. Guests are happy, and you can rest easy. What can you send?

  • Guestbooks — Choose a system that lets you create guestbooks with individualized property guides for each home with directions, rules for maintaining the house and check-in/check-out times and an up-to-date area guide with information about events, activities, restaurants and the nearest grocery stores and pharmacies. Send guestbooks one to two weeks before arrival to help guests with trip planning.
  • Door codes, WiFi codes — Send sensitive property information just before guests arrive — and once they've paid — to avoid problems.
  • Thank you notes and surveys — Use a scheduler to text surveys and thank you notes to guests one to three days after they depart.
  • Emergency alerts — Warn guests about road closures, heavy traffic, power outages or a pending storm by text. Choose a guest communication that lets you alert all guests with a single text.

Send large texts including guestbooks, videos and photos

Not all guest communication platforms allow you to send much more than a few lines of texts. Choose a platform that lets you send large information files including guestbooks, videos and photos. When guests whip out their phones, they have all the information they need at their fingertips. Instructional videos are particularly helpful. Text videos showing how to open the lockbox, use the television, work the door code and operate the coffeemaker. Or send photos of the coffeemaker, so guests know whether to bring pods or beans.

Interested in learning more about how to make the most of text messaging? RueBaRue's Guest Communication Platform is designed to utilize every aspect of the text experience, from scheduling and sending messages to creating property guides and guestbooks.

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