Digital Guestbooks

The essential information your guests need about their rental property including arrival times, door codes, house rules and a local area guide.

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Why It Matters


Enhance The Guest Experience

Welcome your guests with a digital guestbook filled with everything they need — directions, parking information, instructional videos for entering the house, tips on what to pack and more. Send guestbooks a week or two before arrival to help with trip planning.


Save Time

Provide the information they require, and guests won’t need to call for the WiFi code or coffeemaker instructions. Ease their anxiety and save time — enough to reduce pre-arrival calls and emails by over 50 percent.


Impress Your Guests

No one wants a dog-eared paper guestbook. Go digital and wow your guests with a guestbook that directs them to the nearest cafe, is customized for each property and underscores the professionalism of your business.


How It Works


Start With Our Master Guide

The Master Guide is the template that supplies information for all of your rental properties. The guide includes basic categories like Arrivals, Departures and Safety Information. Keep the categories you want, discard those you don’t like, and add any we missed. Make a change on the Master Guide and every guestbook updates automatically.


Rental Software Integration

RueBaRue integrates with popular vacation rental software to create customized guestbooks for each home in seconds. We also import property details like WiFi codes, photos, door codes, directions and parking information.


Customize Each Guestbook

Individualize each guestbook with property-specific information like a recent photo of the front of the house, a photo of the door lock or a brief video showing how to use the door code or instructions for using the fireplace or hot tub.


Features You’ll Enjoy

Display Your Branding

Brand the guestbook with your company logo and colors to remind guests of the services you provide and to showcase your professionalism.

Share Guestbooks Automatically

Our scheduler feature makes it easy to deliver the guestbook by email or text on the date you choose. Email the guestbook two weeks before arrival so guests can plan their trip, and text the a day before arrival so guests have them on their phones.

Customize The Layout

Add, remove and arrange the guestbook’s categories and sections with ease. Include text, video and PDFs with any item.

Automatic Distance Calculations

Distances from the rental home to everything in the area guide are calculated and mapped automatically so guests can decide whether to walk, bike or drive.

Mobile and Desktop Friendly

Guestbooks work equally well on mobile devices and desktop computers. No installation or app is required to use the guestbook.


Tagging helps you send automated messages with location-specific area guide links to guests.

Print Your Guestbook

For guests who prefer paper copies or properties with weak internet signals, our print feature lets you print paper copies with all the information found in the electronic guide.

Unique Guestbook Links

Each guestbook has an individual link. This means that when you expire the link after a guest departs the information can no longer be shared.


See when, how many times and for how long the guestbooks were viewed by your guests.

What Customers are Saying


We’re now able to save time and money by going digital and giving guests the information they need to plan their vacation before they arrive. Great product, great service.quote


People want that local experience when they come here. Our RueBaRue guides help us provide that.quote


Our guests are loving the digital guestbooks. The Google links that let them view nearby restaurants and attractions are amazing.quote

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