Guest SMS Messaging

Communicate with your guests by text message instantly before, during and after their stay. Start using this tool in under 30 minutes.

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Why It Matters


Answer Guest Text Messages Instantly

Don’t put guests on hold or make them wait for an email response to a question. Text messaging is instantaneous. Send an immediate reply when guests text questions like how to turn up the heat or whether late check out is possible.


Save Time

Texting can be faster and more efficient than answering guest questions by email, phone or face-to-face conversation. Use the time you’ll save to focus on other aspects of your business.


Burnish Your Business

Texting shows that your business is up to date, tech savvy and on the lookout for the latest ways to accommodate guests. Don’t get left behind.


How It Works


Receive A Dedicated Number

We’ll assign you a dedicated phone number with your local area code so texts don’t go to your business or personal phone number. Or transfer an existing number of your choice to receive texts.


Set Up Your Team

Create your Team Page to make sure each team member sees every text message and reply. Set up office hours and an automatic out-of-office message so guests know when they can expect a reply.


Use the Team SMS Inbox

Team SMS Inbox saves all guest messages and staff replies so your team knows that questions have been answered. Besides speeding up response time, it prevents double responses, improves customer service and stores all messages and responses so you have a complete record.


Features You’ll Enjoy

Rental Software Integration

RueBaRue integrates with popular vacation rental software. This allows us to import guest reservations and match the guest name, rental unit and arrival and departure dates when you receive a message so you don’t need to look anything up.

Guest Dashboard

This vital feature gives you a view of all your guest bookings such as guest name, arrival and departure dates, phone number, email, door codes. From this dashboard, you to communicate with guests via text message, re-send guestbooks, guest satisfaction surveys, five-star review filters and social media campaigns.

iPhone &Android App for Property Managers

Stay in touch with guests and direct your business when you’re away from your desk with our Guest SMS Messaging App. Available on iPhone and Android, the app provides immediate access to every guest and all text messages.

Saved Responses

Save your answers to frequently asked questions, and reply to guests in seconds. Create and send saved responses from your desktop computer or the RueBaRue Guest Messaging app.

Send and Receive Photos

This feature lets you and your guests send photos by text. This means that if a problem occurs, guests can take a photo of the broken lamp or carpet stains and send it by text to you and your team.

Call Forwarding

Sometimes guests will inadvertently call the SMS number assigned to your account. Use this feature to forward those calls to your main office number or your personal cell phone.

Out-of-Office Response

Auto-send a customized Out-of Office message when a guest texts you after hours, and give them a way to contact you in case of an emergency.

Phone Number Transfer

Port your business number seamlessly, and prevent unwanted calls from guests on your personal cell phone.

Message Logs

Every text message you send and receive is logged for future reference if the need arises.

Auto-Archive Messages

Archive messages automatically after guests check out, and keep a tidy inbox.

What Customers are Saying


"This is, quite simply, the tool you need. We adopted it as a way to facilitate contactless check-in and cannot imagine operations without it. A must. quote


My guestbooks and information now go out automatically by text and email at a pre-scheduled time. They look neat and professional and are super functional. I like that the platform can be customized to match my company colors and logo. Guest feedback has been great! quote


I LOVE how easy the software is to use. It makes sense, it flows and it's very easy for our guests to receive the informaiton they need by email and text. It has cut my job in half!quote

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