Guest Surveys

Create surveys your guests will want to answer


Why They Matter

Increase Guest Satisfaction

Find out what pleases your vacation rental guests. Use surveys to discover their preferences, personalize their visit, address issues proactively and learn about problems quickly. Keep them happy, and they’ll keep coming back.

Gather Information Easily

Send as many surveys as you like, whenever you like, by text message or email. Multiple choice, check boxes, one-to-ten ratings — you choose the format that works best for you.

Resolve Issues Quickly

Mid- and post-stay surveys can alert you to problems that need your attention. Use them to find out when guests have a bad experience and respond immediately.


How They Work

Choose Your Questions

Create surveys that collect the information you need and entice guests to complete them. Ask short, specific, essential questions, one at a time. Keep your surveys short — five to ten minutes max.

Select Your Format

We provide them all: multiple choice, short answer, check boxes and more. Create as many surveys as you like.

Schedule and Send

Use Text Automation to choose a date and time for sending guest surveys. Send your message by text or email, whichever you prefer.


Smart Features That Make A Big Difference

Get Rental Software Integration

RueBaRue integrates with popular vacation rental software. This lets us import guest reservations so you can automatically send surveys by text or email any date and time you choose.

Use Our Scheduler

Text Automation makes it easy to automatically send guests surveys by text or email on a date and time you choose.

Create Message Templates

Create or customize our text or email messaging templates as needed for sending surveys.

Consult Analytics

View how guests rate your business on the Guests dashboard.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

We love using RueBaRue Surveys to get pre-arrival information such as the number of guests and cars. We get notified automatically when a guests fills in the information.

Owners and guests alike have provided positive feedback over the summer. The fact that they could have the information on their cell phones was a plus. Thank you for a great program.

We're ecstatic about RueBaRue. We've had so many compliments from guests about how easy it is to use and how everything they need is at their fingertips. We're also getting fewer calls about how to do things.

Ready to Provide World-Class Hospitality?

Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, Short Answers, 1-5 Range and 1-10 Range fields.
You can create as many surveys as you like.
We generate a unique link for each guest. You can send the link by text or email through Automations.
If Notifications is turned on, you will receive an email when a guest fills out a survey.
You can create pre-arrival surveys to get information like guest arrival time, license plate numbers and how many guests they’re bringing. You can also create post-arrival surveys to get guest feedback on the house, amenities, cleanliness and communication.
We provide a summary and breakdown of individual survey responses. You can also filter the surveys by dates.
Guest Survey is part of the professional and enterprise plans. You can view the pricing here.

Ready to Provide World-Class Hospitality?