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Everything your guests need to discover the best restaurants, attractions, activities, experiences and essential services in your area.

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Why It Matters


Delight Your Guests

Help guests create the perfect vacation with a customized area guide that doubles as a pre-arrival trip planner and handbook they’ll use during their stay. What they see, do and discover determines how they’ll remember their trip.


Show Off Your Area

Tap your local experience to lead guests to the best your area has to offer and give them a genuine taste of local life. Don’t let them waste time on Yelp and Google.


They’re coming for a vacation

Yes, your job is to help your guests find their ideal vacation rental property. But what your guests see, do and discover — the hidden beach, that spectacular hike, the best lobster ever — determines how they’ll remember their trip.


How It Works


Start With Our Search Algorithm

Our search algorithm scours the internet for your area’s top-rated restaurants, things to do and essential services. Recommendations upload in seconds and update automatically, so no worries when hours change or a business closes.


Customize Our Suggestions

Keep what you like, drop what you don’t, and add anything we missed. Include as many places as you like. Arrange your selections with our drag-and-drop feature. Add comments and tips to personalize your recommendations.


Enhance With Photos, Videos & More

Our algorithms use information licensed from Google, but you’re not limited to that. Feel free to add freeform text with a title, address, URL, photos, videos and and PDFs.


Features You’ll Enjoy

Branding with Logo and Colors

Show your company’s colors and logo with pride whenever guests consult the guide. Your logo and colors make the guide yours alone, remind guests of the services you provide and burnish the professionalism of your business.

Personal Tips

Share tips only a local knows, like where you’ll see the mayor sipping coffee most mornings or which days the bakery makes their famous chocolate chip muffins.

Updates Automatically

Each recommendation includes hours, Google reviews, websites, phones, addresses, maps and directions. Automatic updates mean you don’t need to do anything when hours change or a business closes.

Share Automatically

The local area guide is an invaluable trip-planning resource. Use our scheduler to send the guide automatically by text or email on the date you choose.

Automatic distance calculation

Distances from the rental home to everything in the area guide are calculated and mapped automatically so guests can decide whether to walk, bike or drive.


Tagging helps you send automated messages with location-specific area guide links to guests.

Mobile and Desktop Friendly

The guides work equally well on a mobile device and a desktop computer. No installation or app is required to use the guide.

Guest Bookmarking

Guests can bookmark recommendations they like and create a shortlist of activities for their trip.

Print edition

Some guests prefer to consult a paper guide. Our print feature lets you create paper copies with all the information found in the electronic guide. Printed copies can also be helpful for properties with a weak internet signal.

Embed Area Content

Embed the local area content into your website with a single line of code. It's as easy as inserting a YouTube video.


See when, how many times and for how long the local area guides were viewed by your guests.

What Customers are Saying


People want that local experience when they come here. Our RueBaRue guides help us provide that. quote


Answering questions about what guests can do in the area with the level of personal attention that I want to give takes time. RueBaRue solves this problem and more. They seem to add improvements before I even realize they’re needed.quote


RueBaRue has tremendously cut down on the questions that many guests have about the home and amenities, local attractions and places to eat. quote

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