Setting Up Destination Guides

At a Glance

Treat your guests to the best your area has to offer with mobile-friendly destination guides to local restaurants, activities, events and essentials, like the nearest grocery store and pharmacy. Start with basic information provided by our search algorithms, then customize it as you please. The guides update automatically so you don't need to do anything when the kayak rental changes their hours or the ice cream shop closes.

Get Started

To create online destination guides for your rental homes, input your property address so we can generate the best recommendations for your houses. Our search algorithms seek out top-rated restaurants, attractions, events and essential services in your area.

Review and Customize

Check out our suggestions, then keep the ones you like, drop the ones you don't, and add any favorites we missed. Include as many places as you wish; there's no limit. Arrange your selections in any order you want using our drag-and-drop feature. Add personal comments and tips to enhance your recommendations.

Add a Place, Text or Event

It's easy to add a business listed on Google, text or an event in your area. You can also a place that isn't found on Google. The text box allows you to add video and PDFs as well as text.