Embed Destination Guide

This section shows how to embed destination content into your website. We keep the destination content up to date.

1. Log into the RueBaRue app at RueBaRue.com. This will take you to the RueBaRue Dashboard.

2. Go to the Destination Guides from the top menu. (Only destination guides can be embedded)

3. Go to the guide you wish to embed.

4. Click the Embed Button button below the guide.

5. Two layouts can be used for embed — page and property.

6. See sample page layout:

7. See sample property layout:

8. Click the Copy Button button next to the embed code. This will store the code in your clipboard.

9. Paste the code into your website either on your Local Area Guides page or individual property page. This is like embedding a YouTube video.

Contact Support for assistance with setting up your account.

Customize Embed