Setting Up Property Guides

At a Glance

Create mobile-friendly online property guides that provide the essential information your guests need like arrival times, WiFi codes and rules for taking care of the house. Guestbook links the property guide with your destination guide automatically so guests can access both from their phones, computers and tablets.

Get Started

To create online property guides for your rental homes, click the Master Property Guide on the menu at the top right of your screen.

Customize Your Master Property Guide

At the top of your Master Property Guide are basic categories like Arrivals, Departures and Safety Information with items under each. You can keep the categories you like, discard those you don't want, and add any we missed.

Set Up Your Category Tabs

It's easy to edit the categories. Click the edit icon to change a category name, the trash icon to remove a category, and the plus icon to add a new category.

Add New Items

Items include information like Check-in, Parking and Laundry. You can add, remove, edit and arrange items to suit your needs. Include text, video and PDFs with any item you choose.

Add a Property Guide for a Rental House and Link it to a Destination Guide

To add a guide for an individual rental property, type in the street address. To link the property and destination guides, type in the rental property address in the appropriate box. If the rental is a condo or an apartment, provide the street address. Attach the relevant destination guide so we can display it together with the property guide. You can attach a different destination guide later if you wish.

Customize Your Property Guides

It's easy to edit items to modify and personalize the guides using the icons on the right side of each entry. Click on the edit icon to change content and the down-arrow to reset the copy from the Master Property Guide. Use the toggle to hide an item. If you need to add a new item, go to the Master Property Guide and add it.