Setting Up Smart Messaging

At a Glance

Answer guest questions by text before, during and after their stay by text message with our smart messaging feature. This means you or a member of your team can address frequently asked questions like the location of the nearest grocery store or the WiFi password instantly. Smart messaging is built on SMS, so no installation or additional equipment is required for you or your guests.

Messaging Phone Numnber

You’ll receive a dedicated phone number, customized with your area code. All messaging will go through this number, so you won’t receive texts on your personal phone.

Include Your Team

Add contact information for your team so someone will always be on hand to respond to questions. You and your team can also initiate a text message or reply to questions using the messaging page on the guest experience web application.

Share It With Your Guests

Send your guests the smart messaging number in the reservation confirmation email or with their guestbook by either email or text. Once smart messaging is set up, all communications between you and your guests happen by text.

Out of Office Replies and Storage

Set up out-of-office messaging for after hours texts from guests. An email is automatically sent to the team so a response can follow when the office reopens. All messages are stored on our platform where they can be reviewed if necessary.