SMS Automation

Automatically send digital guestbooks, local area guides, personalized messages, alerts about area disruptions and more to guests by text.

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Why It Matters


Increase Efficiency

Boost efficiency and reduce guest communication operating costs. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that guests will receive vital information when they need it.


Save Time

Eliminate repetitive tasks and save invaluable time that can be channeled into other aspects of your business.


Make Your Business Look Good

Text messaging identifies your business as tech savvy and on the lookout for the latest ways to accommodate guests. Use automated guest communication to get the most out of SMS.


How It Works


Customize Templates

Modify our message templates as needed for pre-arrival, post-arrival, check-in and more. Schedule messages for before guests arrive, during their stay and after they leave.


Utilize Macros

Use macros to customize messages with booking or property details such as guest name, arrival and departure dates, address, door codes and WiFi information.


Send Emergency Alerts

Send an automated text messages to guests text when an emergency occurs or in non-emergency situations that require guest attention. Send instantly or schedule for a later time.


Features You’ll Enjoy

Rental Software Integration

RueBaRue integrates with popular vacation rental software. This allows us to import guest reservations so you can automatically send digital guestbooks, local area guides and more to guests by text.

Dedicated SMS Number

Your business receives a dedicated SMS number with your local area code to send all automated and manual text messages.


Automatically send digital guestbooks, local area guides, personalized messages and more by text or email on a date and time you choose.


Send automated text messages informing current and arriving guests of area disruptions like severe storms, fires and road closures by text or email on a date and time you choose.

Schedule Ahead

Create emails that are sent automatically at a later date that you choose. Schedule Ahead is ideal for reminding guests to rebook their vacation homes for the following season.

Message Templates

Create or customize our text and email messaging templates as needed for pre-arrival, post-arrival, check-in and more.


Use macros to personalize messages with booking and property details.


Use tags to organize your automations. Tagging helps you send scheduled messages and alerts to guests at specific properties.

Online Check-In/Check-Out

Find out if your guests have checked in or checked out to track off-hour arrivals and departures and coordinate housekeeping.

Message Logs

Every text message you send and receive is logged for future reference if the need arises.

Five Star Reviews

Score five star reviews on Google by learning about potentially unfavorable critiques before they happen.

Guest Surveys

Create surveys to find out what guests think of your business before, during and after their stay. Send surveys automatically on the dates you wish.


See detailed reports of automated SMS and email messages sent.

What Customers are Saying


We love RueBaRue! Their intuitive texting is the best in its class, and they have world-class customer service and fantastic people running the company. quote


Having RueBaRue has tremendously cut the number of questions that guests have about the home and amenities, local attractions and places to eat.quote


We're ecstatic about RueBaRue. We've had so many compliments from guests about how easy it is to use and how everything they need is at their fingertips. We're also getting fewer calls about how to do things. quote

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