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Why You Need It

Save Time And Money

Monitoring a chat line constantly is costly and labor intensive. With Text Webchat messages reach your potential guests as texts. Answer chat questions when you want, and don’t worry about keeping prospective customers waiting online. No need to hire extra staff to continuously check live chat.

Impress Prospective Guests

Don’t alienate potential guests by making them wait online for a chat response. Text Webchat sends an auto response so leads know when to expect a reply by text. Text back and forth as needed, and show how efficient and attentive your vacation rental company is.

Capture Leads With Ease

Enable Text Webchat on your website and users get a pop-up so you can text back. And just like that, you collect the names and phone numbers of potential guests. With Text Webchat, it’s easy to connect with prospective guests, cultivate leads and grow your vacation rental business.


How It Works

Install Text Webchat

A single line of code is all you need to add Text Webchat to your website. Users can click the chat icon to open a pop-up, fill in their name, phone, question and click Submit. Information lands as a text message in your unified team SMS inbox marked as Lead, i.e. a potential guest, capturing the user’s data.

Customize Auto Responses

Customize automatic reponses such as welcome, auto-response and out-of-office messages that potential guests will receive as text messages when they send a message via Text Webchat.

Answer Text Webchat Questions

Respond to chat questions at your convenience. There’s no need to monitor your chat line constantly. Respond using the RueBaRue Guest Messaging Unified Team Inbox or the Guest Messaging Mobile App.


Smart Features that Make a Big Difference

Install It With Ease

Place the code right before the end of the tag on any page that you want to enable RueBaRue Text Webchat on your website.

Get A Unified Text Inbox

The Unified Text Inbox saves all web chat queries and replies so your team knows that each chat is complete. Besides speeding up response time, it prevents double responses, improves customer service and stores all chats so you have a complete record.

Save Contacts

Save Text Webchat contact information along with other contacts such as home owners, external vendors, housekeeping & maintenance and potential guests, and communicate by text. All texts messages are saved and stored in a unified text inbox along with guest texts and can be accessed by your entire team.

Get A Dedicated Texting Number

Your vacation rental business receives a dedicated SMS number with your local area code to send and receive text messages from guests and leads.

Show Off Your Company Colors

Brand your Text Webchat pop-up with your vacation rental logo and colors, and show potential guests that your business is professional with an eye for detail.

Use Our iPhone & Android App for Property Managers

Respond to Text Webchat inquiries when you’re away from your desk with our Guest Messaging Apps. Available on iPhone and Android, the app makes it easy to respond while you're on the run.

Use Saved Responses

Save your answers to frequently asked questions, and reply to potentional guests in seconds. Create and send saved responses from your desktop computer or the RueBaRue Guest Messaging app.

Get Call Forwarding

Sometimes guests will inadvertently call the texting number assigned to your account. Use this feature to forward those calls to your main office number or your personal cell phone.

Create An Out-of-Office Response

Auto-send a customized Out-of-Office message when guests text you after hours.

Use Message Logs

Every text message you send and receive is logged for future reference if the need arises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A traditional web chat tool requires that you have a dedicated staff to respond to visitors immediately and requires visitors to stay on your site to get a response. In contrast, Text Webchat instantly moves the conversation to text, giving visitors and your team the flexibility to ask questions and respond when they choose.
Log into your RueBaRue account and go to Text Webchat under Settings. You will see a single line of code. Copy and paste it into your website footer. Text Webchat will be available immediately.
Yes, you can add your brand colors to the chat popup and buttons.
Yes, you can change the welcome text and auto-response text on the Webchat popup.
The inquiry lands in RueBaRue’s Team Inbox, and you and your team can respond from either the RueBaRue desktop app or mobile app.
The contact information is saved as leads in the Contacts database.
RueBaRue assigns your business a dedicated phone number in your local area code. All messages that go out to visitors are sent from this number.
Yes, you can. Contact sales@ruebarue.com or schedule a demo for the pricing information.

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