How to Create a Great Experience for Your Guests during Covid-19

It’s no surprise that demand for vacation rental homes has skyrocketed as the country starts to reopen.

But with no cure for Coronavirus on the horizon, it’s important to let guests know what you’re doing to keep your vacation rental properties clean and safe. They also need to know how to make the most of their stay if activities and dining options in the area are curtailed.


A smart way to deliver this vital information is to create a special guide for a healthy stay for your guestbook, packed with everything guests need to know at this unsettled time. You can also send the guide as an email attachment and leave a print copy in the house.

Here are five ways to create a guide for a healthy stay that’s helpful and easy to use.


Describe your enhanced cleaning process

Guests need to know that their vacation rental home is super clean so they can relax and enjoy their stay. Go into detail about pandemic cleaning at your properties like augmented disinfection and sanitation techniques, updated cleaning and inspection of soft surfaces, trash removal and maintenance processes and use of recommended cleaning products. Mention the guidelines you’re using like VRMA’s Safe Home campaign. There’s a sweet spot between too much information and too little, but guests need enough to feel safe and protected.


Include what to bring

Let guests know if they should pack additional sanitizing supplies like wipes, hand sanitizer and disposable gloves for using the ATMs and other communal surfaces. Alert your guests if your area has strict rules regarding the use of masks or other Covid-related materials. Also let them know if there are any scarce items due to the pandemic that they should bring, like certain foods or paper products.


Create a checklist of what’s open

If your area is still partially shut down, provide a list of businesses that are up and running including grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries, pharmacies, bike rentals, boat rentals, shops and bars. With restaurants and bars, let guests know if accommodations are indoors, outdoors or both.


Devise fun alternative activities

What to do if the area’s celebrated summer stock theater, aquarium or signature restaurant is temporarily closed? Create a list of agreeable alternatives like a great place to watch the sunset, an unexpected hiking trail, a bustling farmer’s market or a scenic spot for a picnic (include the best place to pick up delicious take-out food).


Go digital

With an online guestbook, it’s easy to add an information page (or a full-throttle guide with links to businesses) and update it as events change in your area. A Guest Communication Platform like RueBaRue offers the added benefit of automatic scheduling, so when a guest reserves a property you can schedule the guestbook to land by email a week before their arrival to help with trip planning. During Covid, your accompanying note can include information about your company’s cleaning and safety precautions and alert guests to the healthy stay guide in the guestbook.

Interested in learning more about creating a guestbook guide or other aspects of advanced guest communication? RueBaRue's Guest Communication Platform is designed to address every aspect of guest communication, from scheduling and sending messages automatically to creating property guides and guestbooks.

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