Smart Messaging and Team SMS Inbox

Smart Messaging enables guests to send text messages (SMS) to you or your team before, during and after their stay. This means guests can ask questions like how to turn up the heat or whether early check-in is possible and get an instant reply. The Team SMS Inbox saves all guest messages and staff replies so your team knows questions have been answered. Smart messaging works on personal mobile devices. No additional equipment or installation is needed.

  • Dedicated SMS number
  • Team-to-guest 2-way messaging
  • Team SMS Inbox
  • Saved Responses
  • Call forwarding
  • Office hours/Out-of-office message
RueBaRue Smart Messaging

Message Scheduler

Our scheduler feature makes it easy to automatically deliver materials and personalized messages to guests on the dates you choose. Use scheduler to send digital guestbooks, guest satisfaction surveys, social media campaigns and our five-star review filter by text message or email. Relax knowing that everything will arrive precisely when you wish.

  • Unlimited scheduled text/email messages
  • Customize text/email message copy
  • Schedule before arrival, during stay and after departure
  • Manual send or auto send by text/email
RueBaRue Scheduler


Create a phenomenal experience for your guests with all the information they need about their property and the area in one place. Generate an individualized guestbook for each guest that activates and expires on the dates you choose. Promote guest satisfaction by sending guestbooks early to help with trip planning.

  • Unique guestbook per guest
  • Activatate/expire guestbook
  • Combines property and destination guides
  • Manual send or auto send by text/email
  • Branding with logo and custom colors
  • Works on all devices
RueBaRue Digital Guestbook

Property Guide

The guestbook's property guide provides the essential information your guests need about their rental home like arrival times, WiFi codes and rules for maintaining the house. The Master Guide supplies the basic information for all your rental properties. Customize it as needed for each property, adding instructions for using the hot tub or fireplace, for example.

  • Rental software integration
  • Master template driven
  • Customizable layout
  • Add images, videos, PDFs
  • Maps & distances
  • Print edition

Setting Up Property Guides

RueBaRue Property Guides

Destination Guide

The guestbook's destination guide gives your guests all the information they need about the area's best restaurants, activities, events and essentials, like the nearest grocery store and pharmacy. Start with basic information provided by our search algorithms, then customize it as you please. The guides update automatically saving you time and effort.

  • Area recommendations in seconds
  • Hours, Google reviews, websites, phones, addresses, maps, directions
  • Insider tips
  • Updates automatically

Setting Up Destination Guides

RueBaRue Destination Guides


RueBaRue integrates seamlessly with popular vacation rental software. This allows us to automatically create individualized property guides in seconds for each home with information like the property address and Wifi code, and import guest reservations so you can send guestbooks and surveys automatically by text message or email at a time and date you choose.

RueBaRue Integrations with PMS and Rental Softwares

Guest Information Dashboard

This vital feature enables you to communicate with guests via text message and email. It also sends guestbooks, guest satisfaction surveys, five-star review filters and social media campaigns.

  • Send guestbooks, surveys, social media campaigns, five-star reviews
  • Share guestbook with others
  • Update door codes
  • Text messaging
RueBaRue Guest Information Dashboard

Mobile App

The mobile app for property managers delivers RueBaRue’s features to your phone, making it easy to stay in touch with guests and conduct business away from your desk. Available on iPhone and Android, the app provides instant access to every guest and all messages.

  • Send and receive text messages
  • Search for a guest and send a text
  • Team SMS Inbox
  • Send and re-send scheduled messages
  • Send saved responses
iPhone and Android App


Use our alerts feature to send an automatic SOS to all your guests via email or text when an emergency occurs. Alerts work equally well in non-emergency situations that require guest attention. Send alerts instantly with the tap of a finger or schedule for a later time.\

  • Rental software integration
  • Send guestbooks, surveys, social media campaigns, five-star reviews
  • Update door codes
  • Text messaging

Five-Star Reviews

Five-star reviews are crucial to your business. Our review filter automatically alerts you to potential low-star reviews, so you can address problems guests had with their stay before their reviews post. Use our scheduler to automatically send the five-star review filter to guests after they check out or at a date and time you choose.

  • Customizable rating filter
  • Manual send or auto send by text/email
  • Branding with logo and colors
RueBaRue Five Star Review Survey RueBaRue Five Star Review Direct


Create useful surveys to find out what your guests think of your business before, during and after their stay. Learn how they evaluated check in, the cleanliness of the house, communications with the manager and more. Use our scheduler to send surveys automatically on the dates you wish.

  • Customizable
  • Reporting
  • See what individual guests say
  • Manual send or auto send by text/email
  • Branding with logo and colors
RueBaRue Surveys


Our upsell feature helps you boost your business and drive more revenue by facilitating online sales of products and services. Sales of concierge services, tours, tickets to events in your area, sports equipment rentals (bicycles, boats, skis), branded products (T-shirts, hats), early check-in/late check-out, even payments for stays at your properties are just a few of the tasks this feature can perform.

  • Early check-in/late check-out
  • Rentals, concierge services, tours and activities
  • Guest payment by Apple/Google/Samsung
  • Charge credit card on file
RueBaRue Upsell

Social Media Campaigns

Our platform makes it easy to design promotional campaigns that publicize your business. For example, create a campaign encouraging guests to upload their favorite destination photos to your Instagram or Facebook page. Offer an incentive, like a $50 Starbucks card, for best photo. Schedule a message to reach guests a day or two after they arrive so they have photos on hand when the campaign lands.

RueBaRue Social Media Campaigns

The Print Edition

For guests who prefer printed materials, our print edition feature lets you create paper copies of all the information found on the RueBaRue app. Print area guides, property guides and guestbooks for guests who request them or leave printed copies in every rental home. Printed copies can be helpful for properties with a weak internet signal.

RueBaRue Print Edition

Embed Area Content

Embed the local area content into your website with a single line of code. It's as easy as inserting a YouTube video.

RueBaRue Embed Area Content